Girls with PCOS-question for you all
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curious - March 12

how many of you w/ PCOS are overweight, not overweight??? do u have the hair growth?? acne?? no periods?? please describe your "symptoms"


DD - March 12

I'm roughly 5 pounds overweight. I don't have hair issues at all, but I do have mild-moderate acne. Sometimes on my back and chest too-gross, I know. I have some twinges in my ovaries too. I don't get periods really unless induced with prometrium or provera. I guess that's it?!?!?


Bimshire33 - March 12

Hi Curious, I have PCOS, my symptoms are: cysts on ovaries, very irregular cycle, a little over weight, hardly any CM. I do not have the hair growth or acne. About to start a low-carb diet combined with excercise to bring weight down and hopefully re-balance hormones.


patty - March 13

i am a bit overweight about 5-8 punds. but i am tall so i kinda is not noticeable that i have a few extra pounds. i do not have acne, twinges on ovaries. on one ovary i may have endo-which i will need a laparoscopy to confirm that. barely no CM. crazy cycles with spotting. sometimes i get af every 18 days but never go over a 35 day cycle. so AF does come.-no need to induce. no crazy hair growth. sometimes during the night when i get up to be i feel very heavy and sore in the ovary area. that is about it.


Mega - March 13

A little overweight. No crazy hair issues. My ovaries (esp. the left one) are polycystic. I've seen EWCM exactly once & that was on Clomid. Without drugs my cycles were very irregular with each cycle increasing in length. I don't have acne per se but I do have rosecea, not sure if there's a link b/twn Rosecea & PCOS though. I do get ovary/pelvic pain from time to time.


Nikki - March 13

Wouldn't your doctor know if you had PCOS after a normal check-up?


kimberly - March 13

I haven't been diagnosed yet, suppose to go in for blood work in 2 weeks, but yes I have the mustache thing and stray black hairs on my chin, not as bad as some women though (thank god for wax). I go up and down in weight. Really hard to keep it off once I lose it. Right now I am about 15 lbs. overweight but have lost over 50 lbs. before. I have periods now since having my second son after 3 years of no period at all. My cycles differ though, like last month I was so shocked because it was exactly 28 days, but the month before was 50 days. I took the pill for almost a year after having my son and since then I actually have a period when I am not even taking them. I feel having a baby and the pill helped straighten them out. I have horrible mood swings. Not that I am a b**ch, but I can get a little irrational.


DD - March 14

Interesting that I always have cm. Not really ewcm, but still. I have to get blood work and transvag. ultrasound done tomorrow to confirm that it really is PCOS. I wonder if it really is since it sounds like no one else ever has cm?!?!?! Interesting.


JessicaG. - March 14

I am 21yrs old, 5'8 and I weigh 130 pds, the symptoms that I have are not much CM, I had a little acne when I was younger but nothing too bad, and before I started infertility meds I was spoting in between my AF, but that has since stopped. My doctor found it when he ran my gluclose and it was high.


DD - March 14

Ok, I"M SSOOOOOOOOOOOOO confused now. The nurse called and said my levels were all normal and to call her with any questions. By the time i called the office was closed. She gave me the metformin prescription today. So, if my hormones are normal and ovaries have no cysts would the metformin help??? Do I even have PCOS like they thought???? Anyone else have the same situation???


Katt - March 15

curious, have you had a TSH done? It's a blood test to check your thyroid? I was once told I had PCOS then told years later I probably wasn't. Similar symptoms can be related to other things and not PCOS. Sometimes I think it's one of those newly developed syndromes just to give some meaning to unordinary symptoms. Research your symptoms, not the syndrome. Start with Maybenone of you have a thyroid problem, and just maybe I can shed some light for a small percentage. I went misdiagnosed for years and it's not fun. Look into it ;)


Mega - March 15

DD--I'm not dry down there per se, but my CM is usually more lotioney in texture than EWCM. And about your recent dx, drs have very different standards about dx PCOS, but that's interesting that all your b/w fell in the "normal" ranges. Maybe the Metformin was meant to be proactive? Can you call your dr & ask for a broader explaination than what your nurse gave? Katt brought up a good point too. Was your TSH checked during that blood panel?


DD - March 15

Yes, they tested for everything...I am waiting for the nurse to call me back...I will post again and let you know what she says...


DD - March 16

Well, the nurse said to take the Metformin...She just said the doctor would like to see if it regulates my cycle at all. We'll see. Mega- my cm is lotiony too, but since I do not ovulate at all I guess that is all I can expect for now. We will add clomid in 2 months, which I know makes me ovulate as I did do one cycle, but I had extremely low progesterone levels, which I know the RE said could be related to the pcos.


jcr - March 16

DD, the metformin helped regulate me and we sound an awful lot alike! Take it and see. Goodluck.


andalvy - March 16

My symptoms are mild. I have a few stray hairs , mild acne, skin tags, cystic ovaries and infertility. I also had a tilted back uterus which since being on MEt for 6 Mths. has Moved into a normal position. I wonder if anybody else had this? Ive never seen anybody say.


andalvy - March 16

Im also 20 lbs overweight and suffer fatigue and low sex drive, a real pain when ttc!!



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