Girls who took Clomid I need ur help!!!
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tiff - June 23

My Dr gave me clomid from day 3 to 7 and I took question is do I take it day 3 of my period or day 3 after my period??? I m just confused here please help!!!!!


stepmommel - June 23

Tiff, I was just given the same days to start my Clomid. It's day #3 of the first day of true bleeding, not spotting. Good luck to you!!


tiff - June 23

Thank you Stepmommel I m releived...good luck to u too!!!


jenn00 - August 4

you take in on day 3 of your cyle so you dont take it 3 days after your cyle i thought the same thing and a nice lady at cvs talked to me about it and helped me out alot


thayward7 - August 4

I see your question was posted in June, so you probably figured out by now that it is cycle days 3-7, with day 1 being your first day of flow. How did it all work out for you?
- T



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