Girls who have done IUI
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wannabeamom - August 20

I had my 1st IUI yesterday. I want to know how others felt afterward. Did anyone have bad cramps during the procedure? Has anyone had success on the 1st try? How many have you had without success? When do you know it is time to try more aggressive treatments?


slowpoke01 - August 20

wannabe- i had my 2nd iui on august 11th. i have been taking clomid and i had the hcg trigger shot on cd-12 and iui on cd 14 i also had follicle monitoring done this cycle too. my doc said that after 4 clomid iui cycles and no success that it would be time to get more aggressive and probably take injectibles. hope this helps you some. i have not had any cramping with either or my iui's i am almost through with the 2ww thursday will be the last day of the wait for me so i will let you know how it turns out.


thayward7 - August 20

Hi Wannabe... Good luck with your IUI. Did you have any other drugs/etc. with your IUI? I just went through my 4th cycle of IUI, with Metformin, Clomid, hcg trigger and progesterone. It does work for some people the first time though! I never had cramping during the procedure itself - I usually have ovulation cramping after the procedure, but that's it. I believe most doctors say after 6 IUIs (on meds) that you may need to try something more aggressive. Hope that helps a bit. Babydust to you!
Smiles - T


wannabeamom - August 20

Thanks for the input. I took clomid cd3-7 then ovidrel shot cd10 then IUI on cd11. How can they be sure I am going to O around then? I thought the Ovidrel shot makes you O within 36 hours. I had 6 mature follicles, 3 on each side. I am still crampy from IUI and spotting. The nurse said that could happen. I guess I had bad cramping during IUI because it wasn't a straight shot. There was a curve. I will also start taking prometrium vaginally. I believe on cd17 but will double check with nurse tomorrow. Well I am keeping my fingers crossed and my hope up. Thanks for your help.


thayward7 - August 20

You had your shot on CD10 and then the procedure on CD11? What time did you take your shot vs. the time of your procedure? I know my procedure is always scheduled 36 hours after my shot... most women ovuluate 36-42 hours after their shot. Yes, spotting can happen because the cervix is very vascular. I wish you the best of luck with this cycle!!!!
- T


slowpoke01 - August 20

i agree with thayward on this i had the shot on a tuesday and the iui on thursday morning. i have never heard of them giving the shot and doing iui the next morning but they may have been confident that you were going to ovulate that night for them to do it that way. did they do u/s the day of the shot? or a/s the day of the iui? good luck to you though i hope it works for you.


wannabeamom - August 20

I did have an u/s the morning I did the shot. It showed 6 mature follicles. I did my shot at 9pm and had IUI at 10am. What is a/s? I am a little nervous they did my IUI early. I bd'd today to help a little. Just in case. Thanks for the info and GL to you both!


cspears99 - August 21

I had three IUI's and each one felt a little different, I did have really bad cramps after, and on one of them my cervix didn't open and that was painful, they had to manually open it, we didn't have luck with IUI's but i wish you the best!!!


KDR - August 21

My first iui was terrible as far as cramping during and afterward. I thought I was going to throw up the cramping was so bad. The second one was completely painless. Going for third one next saturday. Good Luck!


slowpoke01 - August 21

wnnabe sorry for my typo i meant u/s


slowpoke01 - August 21

wannabe it is good that you bded just in case. that really does sound early to me to have the iui. but it could help you may ovulate sooner with the shot. i hope that it works for you. if i was you and this one didnt work i would bd the n ight of the shot the night of the iui and the day before the shot next time to increase your chances. i am hoping that it works for you though. i use a donor so me and dh dont bd during that time but it wo uld definitely help increase your chances. good luck. i will know friday or saturday if this iui worked if not on the 4th try if it doesnt work the doc and i will discuss other options like injectibles. i hope this one worked though. good luck to you in your 2ww


wannabeamom - August 21

Slow, thanks for the encouragement! I will pray for a BIG FAT POSITIVE for you!!!


Jen T. - August 22

I got pregnant on my 1st try with IUI. We have been ttc for over 2 yrs. I have tried Clomid and Clomid/Ovidrel in past cycles, but this was our first attempt with Clomid/Ovidrel/IUI. I had 2 eggs and my dh washed sperm count was 79,500 million. I am now 4 1/2 wks. pregnant. I pray that everything will go smoothly in my pregnancy and that others on this site will get a BFP in their near future. Good luck to all!!!!


wannabeamom - August 22

Jen T, That is reassuring. I hope this is my time. After 4 years of trying I can only pray this is going to work.


bht_aarti - October 19

i had 3 unsuccessful cycles of IUI with shots of Metformin, Clomid, hcg trigger, folligraph and progesterone.

had below follical size and endo
1st IUI 20mm /8.9mm
2nd IUI 20mm / 8.6mm
3rd IUI 21mm /9mm

all were unsuccessful

now going for 4th IUI this month



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