Girdle – a wonder girdle that enables the mother's abdomen t
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debora79 - January 25

Hi everybody

I live in Washington D.C. and I have 3 children – 2 daughters aged 3 and 6 years, and a 6 month old baby.
After giving birth (for the first and second times) my abdomen remained loose and had ugly stretchmarks. I dieted and exercised in order to strengthen my abdomen, and indeed after laborious exercise and a strict dieting regime I managed to get rid of this unaesthetic look.
When I became pregnant for the third time (when Mike was born), I heard from my friend, Betty, the recommendation on using the Maternity Belt (light). She told me she used this girdle and at the end of her pregnancy she did not have any unpleasant marks on her abdomen, which remained smooth and flat. Betty gave me her girdle and I used it. Surprisingly, after my son, Mike, was born, my abdomen shrank within ten days and remained smooth and flat. Betty told me that she purchased this girdle on the website: mediquipped .com she found on Yahoo Shopping.
I warnly recommend using this flexible and comfortable girdle.

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Tracy88 - January 25

Nice advertisement on an infertility forum. How many of the women on this forum do you think just wish they needed this product?


mommy2josh - January 25

Nicely put Tracy. This is disgusting.



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