getting tubes untie for free
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shannon R - May 26

how can i get my tubes untie with out paying 10,000 dollars and i have a baby i have 3 boys but i want my girl and i had made a BIG misssteak getting them tie and im getting very depressed with it


Jill - May 27

Honey, I don't know if there is a way to get your tubes untied for free. See if your insurance will pay for it or at least cover part of the cost. Otherwise, it may be cheaper to try IVF or adopt. I know that you can get adoption loans, and they are tax-deductible. Talk to your doctor about the reversal, see how much he would charge. If your insurance won't cover it, see if he would do it on a sliding scale. Most doctors will do sliding scale fees if you have to pay out of pocket.


Beth - May 27

I had my TR done very recently and now am ttc. I paid $6,800 for it. With IVF you wll have to pay more, but please do your research. Best of luck.



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