getting scared - spotting all throughout luteal phase
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Babette - May 21

Has anyone had this and can tell me what it could possibly be? I have spotting from right after ovulation until my period every month. I am going to see my doctor but it'll take a while before he can tell me anything, I'm sure.
I'm really worried. Can anyone give me any input?




Tracy88 - May 21

I was just diagnosed with fibroids, and one of the questions my doctor asked me was if I have spotting at any time in the month. I think to rule out fibroids you should have an intravaginal ultrasound done. Your OB/Gyn's office can do it for you. I recommend it anually since a year ago I had small, normal, run of the mill fibroids, and only a year later, two of them have grown tremendously and may be preventing me from getting PG. Good luck. Let me know if you get an U/S done and if they see anything.


kimholl28 - May 23

Could be a low progestrogen level, they will probably draw blood and tell you if this is a problem.


Babette - May 24

Thanks so much for your answers. I feel pretty stupid, actually. The spotting stopped a couple of days before my period was due and, what do you know, it didn't come. Somehow, despite the spotting, I seem to have gotten pregnant.
I'm so happy!
I wish you aaaallll the best getting pregnant, fast.




kimholl28 - May 24

Wow, congrats! Must have been implantation bleeding then.


Mega - May 25

Congrats! Babette. Wonderful news. Have a healthy, happy 9 months!!!



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