Getting rid of Depo Provera once and for all
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Dawn - June 17

Through researching various sites and hearing what numerous ladies have had to say about the negative side effects from the Depo shot, I will be beginning procedures to try to get this horrible drug off the market. I am very interested in hearing from ladies who have suffered the negative side effects of this drug and with enough support there may also be a pending lawsuit. Please email me at [email protected] with your comments and concerns and let's hope we can save other women from the nightmares we have had to suffer because of this poison. Thank you!


BUMP - June 20



rach - June 21

this drug does something to women i know it does. i had just two shots of the depo and i hant conceived in 1 year its very upsetting i totally regret having it i dont even know if i am producing eggs



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