getting problel in pregancy
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sadia - July 8

My Name is Sadi and my last period date is 13th of jun 2005, i feel i m pregent but when i take my preganct test result is "NO" mean i m not pregent, i m very upset i m trying to get pregent last six month , plz can some one help me and advise me, i feel tired every time ,mood swing, water discharge, could any one tell me if i m not pregent then why i feel all these symptoms.


cb - July 8

hi, i would wait untill early next week, my last period was on the 14th & my next is due on tuesday 12th!! I to took think i am pregnant & took a test today, but i think it may be too early! how long is your cycle? mine is 28 days!! GOOD LUCK :) and let me know please xx



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