getting pregnet
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nathay - April 14

im with my boyfriend for a pretty long time and we have sex almost all the time and i cant get pregnet but last month by perid came on the 15 but it comes on the 9th those that mean something


gloria - May 2

how many week can you tell if you are having a boy or girl


anonimous - May 2

where cant i find help


mls - May 2

Nathay, your period coming early generally doesn't mean anything other than it coming early. If you had a normal period other than it being early I would not worry about being pregnant. Are you trying?


mls to gloria - May 2

Gloria, you will be able to determine the gender of the baby around 20 weeks.


Natalie - May 7

no it just normal


brittany - May 12

my qustion is that i normaly get my period on the 14 , but like last month i got it on the 7th, btu i had sex wiht my boyfriend like so many weeks later and and for this month i got my period on the 4th. and it only lasted like 3 days. i mean can i be pregnet and not know it but still had my period but it came early? like a week or so after we had sex?


jodie - June 4

does smoking cause a miscarrige


lisa - June 13

how can i get pregnet


letty - July 12

when can you getpregnat/


unknown - July 19

Is there a way you can find out if your the baby's father before it is born?


justin - August 4

can a girl get pregnet any time


KellyN - August 4

Goodness so many questions, not enough answers! A woman can only get pregnant around her ovulation time. Usually this is mid-cycle (the week after her period). However, some women ovulate early and some ovulate late. A woman is fertile for several days before ovulation and possibly a couple of days after ovulation. Only women who are taking their temps, using opks, experience ovulation pain (fairly rare) and/or seeing a fertility specilist have a good handel on when they ovulate. If you are worried about when you (or your girlfriend) ovulates, you should probably use some sort of birth control. As for the other questions. I've found a lot of information on the internet by doing a google search. There really is a lot of info out there. Good luck to all!!! -kelly


bonnie - August 28

had period for 5 days stop and had headaches lightheaded . sore stomach muscles . yellow discharge


MAYRA BOTELLO - September 17



kelly - September 21

if your pregnet can you still get on your period if so how long do you usually stay on for?


shaquail - September 23

no but keep trinng



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