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some helpful advice - July 12

Hi ladies. I am not in the health profession at all but I want to share you my story. My obgyn told me I would need to go on fertility drugs since I have always been pretty irregular. Imagine our surprise when I got pregnant my first month of ttc without drugs. It turns out, according to my doc, that the best time to get pregnant (when you will most like have difficulty) is the month you come off the pill. Apparently your body is the most regular it will be right after coming off the pill, and then ovulation sort of slows down from there. I just wanted to share this since most people hear that you need to wait at least 3 months after coming off the pill to ttc. But there is no medical justification for this. It is only a suggestion, and as I, and countless women can prove, you can have a healthy pregnancy getting pregnant right away after stopping the pill. Just something to think about. I knew I would have trouble getting preg. so I took the pill for three months. I stopped after the third month and got pregnant 3 weeks later. Good luck to you all.


Kim - July 12

That's true in my case, also. I got pregnant 1 month after I stopped the pill. And it happened at the same time for my next pregnancy, however I had a m/c. Now trying w/o having been on the pill again...


merlee - July 13

Hi. I asked my doc why they suggest waiting 3 mo after pill. She said that it is easier for the doc to pinpoint age of fetus if he knows when your last period was. So, it is only for the convienence of you doc that you put your life on hold for 3 months. She also told me that your chances of having twins is greater right after the pill.



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