getting pregnant again after tubal..
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Caroline - March 23

I was wondering what my chance of getting pregnanat again after tubal are. I got pregnat 11 years after a tubal but I lost it at 6 weeks. Could it happen again, cause I'd like to be pregnant again I was wondering what the chances of it happening twice are..


Sonya - July 11

What are my chances of getting pregnant after I have already had a tubal ligation


Amie - July 14

I had a tubal, and its been a year and 3 months ago I can't get pregnant now what can i do on my own? will fertilAid help me?


stephanie - July 20

i really want to know the answer ive been wanting it too. i have been reserching a reversal,but its only a thought


iesha - August 29

about five years ago, i had my tubes tied after my third then boyfriend now husband want and desire more children and so do i . do we have any chances. i may have gotten them cliped,tied and burnt. help me please



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