getting pregnant after the pill
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Harriet - July 7

How long after stop taking the pill does it normally take to get pregnant been taking pill for 14 years?


jen - July 7

who knows! I went off the pill june 2004. I had regular periods until october 2004. Next period January, March, May, June. So, I have irregular cyles--- what a shock after trying to not get pregnant by taking pill for13 years.

I have an ovulation issue--- took a 21 day progesterone test. But that was stupid because my average cycle is 40+ days.

On 6/13 I had a HSG test,my tubes are clear:) My husband and I are BDing every two days or so.... Still no period this month. I will wait 2 more weeks before I test.

Long story short, it has taken me atleast 14 months with no success. Do not wait a year before seeing your doctor----insurance may require it though. I am 31.5 and freaking out. Good luck.



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