getting pregnant after the depo shot
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Jennifer - April 24

i have been off of the depo shot for 5 to 6 months now and i had switched to the patch and have been off of it since feburary 2005. i have my periods every month at the end of the month and want to know why i can not get pregnant. i have one child already by my husband and now we want another. i was on the depo for two years but in i have my periods every month so why cant i get pregnant?


Shawna - April 27

Depovera has a side effect that makes it difficult to get pregnant for a year after you stop taking it. Even if you do have your period every month, you may not be ovulating.


jen - April 27

for fertile couples who do everything right it still takes 6months on the early side of things to get pregnant according to my doc. He said we should be pregnant within 18 months ...great. Make sure you are ovulating, take your temps (basal body charting), check your cervix mucous, posiitioning etc and keep track. Make sure you have sex at the right time (BEFORE ovulation) which many do not do. RELAX or your body will be too stressed to conceive. good luck


Amy - April 28

I used to be on the depo shot also. I have been off of it for nearly 8 months if I am correct. My period is irregular right now. I do not know when it will get back to normal or when I will be able to get pregnant again. I did not start having a period again until like last month. Maybe the month before. All I know is that when I start, I will bleed for like two days, then stop for one day and sometimes I will bleed just for a few hours in a day. I have been looking everywhere on line for any advice I can get. I am sorry that I do not have an answer for you but I am going through the same thing. The only thing different is my period is irregular.


kesha - May 6

I have been off the depo for one year and three months and I don't think that it's out of my system. My M.D. told me the best time to get pregnant is two weeks after your period which is the time you should be ovulation. I took a ovulation test exactly two weeks after my period went off and it said that I was ovulation and I tested the test and took it before the two weeks and it said I wasn't, so you may want to try the ovulation test.


nicole - May 9

i dont know if i am pregnant and i havent been using a condom when i have sex and i am on the depo shot


Michelle - May 18

How would i know if i was pregnant if i didn't uses a condom while on the depo, now that I'm not taking the depo shot i still don't use condoms


Tam - May 24

I was on depo for only a yr and it still took fourteen months to get pregnant the first time.
It sounds crazy,, but drink a ton of water. It helps to flush the depo out of your system. I had a depo shot at my 6wk after my daughter was born and decided that we wanted another baby right away, I was due for my shot march 2, didn't get it and surprise I turned up pregnant, even without getting a period. Good luck to you, and drink that water!


Liza - May 24

I was on the depo shot for about 9 months in 2001/2002. Decided to get off it as I was suffering terrible headaches and was very moody and was no longer in a relationship so enduring the side effects was pointless. Nine months after my last shot my period had still not returned which was frustrating as I was waiting for af so I could begin taking the pill. In the end I just started taking the pill anyway which brought it on (2003). Apparently it can take 18 months for it to leave your system especially if you have had several shots. Even after being off the pill for six months (after 2 years of taking it) I feel that I have only just now regained my true cycle.


Makaya - May 25 you are having the same trouble as me I am trying to get pregnant but I was on depo for about alittle less than a year...i can't seem to get pregnant and it suck so i guess I would go with the others advice and good luck....if u find any more info. please let me know..


AMY - May 27



AMY - May 27



Angel - May 28



nicole - May 28

when i was on the shot the doctor told me it can take some woman 6 months to 1 year to get pregnant


tonika - July 11

i have been off the depo shot since oct.2004 i only used it once. i have had three regular periods and my husband and i want to get pregnant. will we ever be able to



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