Getting pregnant after iud
2 Replies
Cassie - February 17

I just had my iud removed four months ago and now i bleed every two weeks, can i still get pregnant?


roxyttandme - February 18

My mom got preg WITH an IUD. She had to abort due to the baby growing with the IUD imbedded inside or too close to is. The Doc's thought "if" the baby lived, it would be deformed somehow. I think it depends on the person. Good luck!


adrie - February 19

Hi Cassie I had an iud for 5 years. I had it removed 6/04 in 10./04 i got pregnant but it was on etopic pregnancy I had my right tube removed . Now last month I started clomid with iui.But no luck I just got my AF today.But like everyone says keep your hopes up..



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