Getting pregnant after a stillborn (?)
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Sarah_doodlez - March 22

I just have a question about getting pregnant again after having a stillborn. My husband and I lost our first while I was 6 months and 1 day pregnant. Has anyone gotten pregnant soon after having a stillborn? My doc said that I was in good condition to start as soon as my 6 weeks was up. It has been well over 6 months, and I was just wondering if anyone has been through an experience like this. I am not on any medication, and my next "lady" appoint isn't until May. I am 21, and I know I have time, but after losing our first, it's always on the back of my mind that I am supposed to be a mommy. Any related stories or advice?


ginger6363 - March 22

sarah, I am sorry for your loss. If you don't get any responses here try the "Miscarriage" forum on this site. There are many ladies there who can help. Good luck to you!


Sarah_doodlez - March 22

Thanks, Ginger. I didn't realize there were so many catagories. I'm also hoping there will be more responses from here too, because we are ttc as well. Thanks again.



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