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KFC11 - February 21

I had intercourse the 7th, 8th , 14th, 15th 19th but late night., and 20th i should have ovulated 19th so i think.

I was wondering if any one knew if there is a good chance of consieving!??! PLEASE HELP!! thanks


pinky - February 21

I read that in very fertile condition (goog amount of mucus) sperms can live up to five days. If this is the case than u might be pregnant. If your ovulation done on early morning of 19th than your intercourse on that day will not help much because once egg is release than it's only able to fertilize within 12 hour (averagely) even thought egg will servive to 24 hours!!!.. Second thing sperms also needs 7-12 hours after intercourse to get the power to fertilize the egg (capacitilazation). If u ovulated on 20th than your chances are higher. Still on an average there is only 25% chance to get pregnant for healthy couple. I wish u all the best.


KFC11 - February 21

wow that really sucks. 25% is a lil bit , i never knew ttc was so fustrating.. thanks alot thought i aprricate it.


KFC11 - February 22

would it be too early to take a pregnancy test???


Mega - February 22

Usually the earliest you can test is 10-11 DPO, assuming you have a 14 day leutal phase. The waiting we have to do while TTC-ing is so frustrating, I know. Good luck & keep us posted.


KFC11 - February 22

Im so sorry, what does DPO mean? so i should wait?


Mega - February 22

DPO is Days Past Ovulation. All these new abbreviations can get so confusing at first. Actually all this TTC-business can get confusing. So yes, you'll need to wait at least 12 or 13 days. It's tough I know, but if you did Ovulate on the 19th or 20th of this month like you suspect, & if the egg did indeed get fertilized it will take at least 5 to 10 days for the egg to implant & usually another couple of days for enough HCG hormone to generate for a positive pregnancy test.


KFC11 - February 22

ooooooh what a drag! lol but its ok i guess i should sit back and wait! thanks MEGA!!


Mega - February 22

I know, the 2 ww is tortous, evil, but I guess we're lucky now that HPTs are so good we don't have to wait any longer than 2 weeks, well for the most part. Hang in there! Good luck.


KFC11 - February 22

Thanks :-)



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