Getting pregnant
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Maunena - March 8

Can a women become pregnant if she has a parcial hysderectomy. I still have one ovary left and it functions. Off and on I have a period. If it is possible what can I do to concieve or a surgery to reverse the problem?


Maunena - March 8

I have no clue


june - March 8

maybe thats something only a Dr. can answer. I'm assuming that you have one good ovary than ovulation can still happen . However with irregular periods this is an idication that you have ovulation issues. Talk to your doctor thats the best advice anyone will ever you give on this forum.
Good Luck


Mega - March 8

I agree with June, seek help from a dr (a RE would be best) as soon as possible for your irregular periods, that'll probably be your biggest hurdle. However there are lots of meds that can help you with ovulation, regular AF, etc. Good luck!



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