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Lisa - August 4

My husband and I are trying to get pregnant. I seem to be ovualting at different times in my cycle each month. Is it possible to have just ended my period and be ovualting right away? I usually get a slight pain on my right side when I ovualte. My period was officially over on Wednesday, and I have a dull pain in my right side today.


D, - August 4

Pains can occur for a variety of reasons but yes, it is possible to ovulate that early. I have ovulated as early as the 6th day of my cycle once. It's not a good thing but it's a rare thing. Do you track your CM or CP? Does it seem like you might be getting ready to ovulate? I would trust those signs over the O pains. O pains can happen before, during, or after ovulation so they're not really all that reliable.


Lisa - August 4

I haven't noticed any change in CM today, it has been pretty slippery no eggwhite substance to it. I am just scared that I will miss my widow of opportunity this month, it is only day seven of my cycle. This is strange for me. Up until my last two cycles, I was a consistent 25 days, but the last two months have been 28 and 27 days. Is it possible to feel pain and not be ovualting for a couple more days.


Anna - August 4

How long after ovulation can you get ovulation pains? According to my OPKs, I ovulated somewhere around Saturday or maybe early Sunday. My DH and I BD'ed all weekend. Now I've been getting occasional mild ovarian pain (only lasting for a couple seconds or so and typically when I move or stretch or something like that) for the last three days. Also, when I was on BC, I got ovarian pains really bad-they would leave me doubled over. Now that I'm off BC, I have barely gotten any pains. Not sure why. Anybody have any answers? Thanks! ***BABY DUST***



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