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annie - January 14

i am 23 years old, and the end of last year i was told i had polycystic overies disease.
the doctors have only just found it but they say i've had it since i was 8, when i started my periods.
i love children so much and just want to be a mom.
can any one tell me how hard it was for them to have a baby with polycystic overies disease.
as i also have c.f.s.
thank you.


$weetne$$ - January 14

i have PCO not PCOS but i'll be here for eva if i was to explain everything i know about PCO and PCOS and the different things dat are available to if u want to talk my email address is [email protected]

get back and we'll talk about it ;o)


bubsya - January 23

Hi, I am also 23 and ironically just found out I have PCOS at the end of last year. I tried one cycle of Clomid 50mg and did not ovulate, so now I am on my 2nd cycle of clomid 50mg + glucophage for the PCOS and believe I did ovulate this time, I find out Thursday. I really hope and pray it is not hard getting pregnant b/c I can't wait for this to happen. Does anybody know what the chances of getting pregnant are?


tryin4baby - January 24

my cousin has PCOS too and tried clomid. It didn't do anything for her. They had to go right into the injectables for her. She got pregnant with twins 3 or 4 times but all but one pregnancy resulted in a miscarriage which had nothing to do with the PCOS. She is now trying to get pregnant again but they are closely monitoring her since this time she does not want multiples. Don't worry, there are plenty of options for you. Good luck.


kristen - February 15

I am 20 and i also have PCO and i just got pregnat 3mnths ago it wasn't hard at all for me!


Anne - February 18

I tried to get pregnant for 4 years, with a family history of Crohnns Disease, Irritable Bowell Syndrome and Polysistic Overies. It tooke me 4 years to get pregnant and I now have a baby daughter. Never give up hope! I was told it would recitfy itself after her birth but now im told its a waiting game again. Shes 2 1/2 now, Im thankful I have her but Ill never give up hope that some day she will get a brother or a sister. Id like to speak to you if youd like to my email address is [email protected]. Good Luck!


sarah - February 21

my friends aunty had it and she had a percentage to go by she had a 70% chance were i've only got a 2% chance she's got three kids all together a little girl and two twins


aussie* - February 24

I am 21. I am trying everything to get preg. My husband and I have been through the was. I have pcos. I am on glucophage now. I am like you.... can I still have kids? IWhat are my chances. How long does the gluco to work? Yes I am a little impatient and a little down. Please send some facts........


ziad elawar - February 26

I have a question is cystic on overies affect the ability for wonem to get pragnent .my wife is normal with normal period and she is 28 years old


stacey burnett - April 17

like you i have polycystic overies i am 21 years old and i found it very easy to get pregnant the doctors told me when i was 12 years old that i wouldnt be able to have kids but it only took a few months of coming off the pill and now i have a lovely little boy aged 1 so just chill get yourself in a secure relationship if not already and have fun trying your still young so dont worry to much i did for years and it got me no where


kim - June 12

I am 23 years old and have just found out that I have pco, I have been off the pill for 1 year and still have not conceived, I had the scan as a result of this and that was when the pco was detected. I am now beeing refered to a fertility clinic. I too am unable to find info on pco and infetility.


Rhonda - June 25

Hi Annie , I was about the same age as you when i was told I had polycystic overies ,I was told that I had about a 10 percent chance of falling pregnant naturally ,I had been married 4 years ,It came as a big shock to me as i had never heard of the syndrome before and i was quite devistated to think that there was not much hope of me having kids, like you i loved kids and would have given anything to have them, as time went on my husband and i started to slowley accept that it was not going to happen for us,but what im writting to you to tell you is not to give up, because affter 18 years being married i fell pregnant all natural drug free,My son was born 2 years ago weighing in at a healthy 10pound 3 and is the most precious little boy and i am 39 years of age now, and in april i gave birth to my second son who was also healthy at 7and a half pound.I hope that you can take some small piece of hope from my story and know that what you feel is the same as what I went thru good luck.


amy - June 25

i have pcos and i suffered from pelvic inflammatory disease when i was younger, i got pregnant 3 times within 4 months...2 were early miscarriages, then im pregnant wasnt hard at all, i took vitamins, and took ovulex to help my ovulation...good luck!


Margo - June 25

Metmorfin is the drug my obgyn gave me to trigger ovulation. I have had PCOS for the past 15 years. Got pregnant the first month using it. Good luck!


faye - July 8

ive just been diagnosed with pco and feel like my docter is leaving me in the dark. he said that it wasnt important to give me a period until i want to have a baby, how is this right? surely if i start treatment now it wil be easier in the long run. thank you


Drew - July 8

Hi Faye, see another doctor for a second opinion!! It IS important to try to change the situation now, as it does get worse the longer you wait. The longer it goes untreated, the harder it will be when you do decide to have a baby. Hope everything works out for you!! :)


Chicks - July 8

To Margo:
Hi there! That's great that you got pregnant the first month on it! Do you think you can give some more background on your situation? I want to see how close our stories are... Did you have PCOS? Did you have a problem ovulating? How long were you trying for? What were your symptoms of pregnancy and how did you know the difference between whether it was the pills or pregnancy? If you could get back to me, that would be great. Your first post gave me hope so I want to hear more! Thanks!



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