Getting frustrated over infertility
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Filmmaker24 - November 23

My wife and I have been trying for a baby going on two years now. We've done insemination a few times to no avail. She's been on so many drugs for this. And then we found out from the doctor that she really needs to get pregnant within six months or there's pretty much no hope after that. They said my count is fine, but I still can't help but feel like I'm to blame somewhat. I've waited so long to finally marry the right woman and this happens. It seems inevitable we're never going to be able to have children--and it's very heart breaking for us. We feel we want to cry. Anyone have any suggestions? Needless to say seeing other couples having great success really tears us inside right now.


janice - November 23

Hello: We have been trying for 3 years. We had two miscarriages within one year and have had no success since. I am currently on clomid. The doctors here are not very interested in problems as I am now on my 3 GYN and to top it off my family doctor is a baby doctor who believes it will happen. I have to force his hand to even get a referral. It is frustrating and to be around children and babies does bother me/us. We are 28 years old and all of our friends have children. Sometimes I want to curl up in a ball and roll away. But each day I raise my head and hope another day. I hope all works out for you and your wife.


tonyaandjoe - November 24

when it seems like you are giving up it will happen just pray.


ROBYN - November 24

Have you looked into IVF. We are just completing our first IVF cycle. We did fertility meds for about 5 months with no luck. We are hoping this cycle works for us. There are alot of forums on here that all of us are going thru the alot of the same thing. This is a good place to come and ask for advice. Good luck to you and your wife.


Tracy88 - November 24

Has your wife had laparoscopic surgery to explore her pelvic region? What kinds of meds has she taken? Clomid? Injectables? Do you mind if I ask how old she is and if she has ever gotten pregnant at all? What kind of doctor are you working OB/Gyn, a fertility specialist, or a reproductive endocrinologist? The answers to these question will really help in determining what you may want to do next.


emaan - November 24

it helps not to be tence when you are trying to concieve and keep your fingers crossed there is time for everthing i believe in miracle....dont loose hope....


slowpoke01 - November 24

filmmaker- dont give up hope. my husband is 43 i am 28 we have been together 10years and tried "naturally" the whole time and nothing. i went in may and had hsg dye test showed my tubes were clear. took 50 mg clomid in june and had iui done nothing happened. took july off and relaxed and went back and did clomid, hcg trigger shot, follicle monitoring, and iui got pregnant in august found out a couple of weeks later that it was tubal and we had to terminateit. took off 3 months because that is what the doc recommended. we will go for our 3rd iui with clomid, hcg trigger, and follicle monitoring in december. dont give up hope.why is there no jope after 6 months? i wouldnt listen to that, sometimes it may take awhile for them to get a womans cycles and medicines and thigns down good enough for a pregnancy to happen. good luck though.


Filmmaker24 - November 27

To Tracy88: My wife is 42 and has never been pregnant before. She did have the minor surgery about a month ago where they removed endriomosis (spelled right?) and the doctor didn't seem alarmed over it. She had been on clomid, but now she's about to take shots that are supposed to boost fertility. The doctor is a reproductive endocrinologist. I hope this all helps. Believe me, plenty of people have told us not to worry, it will happen naturally. After so much failure you wonder. She's keeping more hope right now than I am. God bless my wife. I love her so much.


Ann1 - November 27

Filmmaker24, I am a little puzzled that your dr says that you only have about a 6-month window yet he is still recommending iui. If I were you, I would push to move on to ivf asap. It sounds like your wife has already done a lap (that removed endo), so it doesn't seem like any tests would give more info. Since he said 6 months and since she is 42, I assume she probably has high fsh that shows a declining egg supply. With ivf you can be sure that the egg gets fertilized and that it is in the right place to attach instead of wondering what happened after an iui. With your wife's situation, most REs would have no problem going straight to ivf. If yours resists, search around and find another one asap. If you aren' t as agressive as possible, you could end up regretting it. Good luck!


KeiraYvette - November 28

Dont give up hope... I had a friend that had exactly the same happen, were told if they wanted a child it had to be within 6 months.. she fell 2 years later. Even know of ppl that have been trying for 9 years to fall, and when they gave up all hope they fell.... my prayers r with you!



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