Getting back to my 28 day cycle after a miscarriage!!
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Shiner081 - December 5

How long has it taken someone with a regular 28 day cycle to get back to the same(if that is possible) after a miscarriage.First was 23 days(after D&C) and next came 26 days.I am expecting to ovulate this week ,either Wed. or Fri.depending on the 26 day or the 28 day cycle.I took a ovulation test today Monday but still negative.If I do not get a positive tomm. I think I could be aiming for the end of the week.Fingers crossed and hopefully conceive this week sometime.This was just my 2nd period after my D&C.Has anyone gotten pregnant after the 2nd cycle with irregular cycles?


tk07 - December 7

mine never got back to normal! it gradually got worse and more erratic each month. which was crazy! i thought it would do the opposite. so now i am on clomid. but i knew a couple people that had a m/c and ended up pregnant only a couple months later because there bodies jumped right back on board!
good luck!


Shiner081 - December 7

I am hoping.I should of ovulated today but no positve result on an ovulation test yet.( that is going by 26 day cycle)so I think maybe I might hit the 28 day cycle and ovulate friday(dec.8)So I went from23 days cycle to 26 day and hopefully 28 day now.I could possible get pregnant by the end of the week or weekend I pray.Hubby was home today(wed Dec 6) so we had intercoarse and will be home on the weekend(fri Dec8)so I should be getting a positve ovulation test any day now.



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