Getting abit scared and disheartened
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nat1980 - May 10

Have been off the pill for almost a year now ttc. In that time have been recording my cycle which seems to vary from 28 to 33 days between periods. I know that in the past my husband and i did not have trouble conceiving as he already has a 5yr old daughter and we also conceived a few years ago but for so many reasons including the then recent birth of his daughter we felt we could not continue with my pregnancy. Now that we are married and secure in our own home and have been unsuccessful over the last 12 months I am scared that now a few years on i may not be able to concieve very easily. Is it common for woman to have trouble conceiving if they have had a termination? what sort of tests should you get done to check? How long should you try before you start to worry?


wannabeamom - May 10

Nat, don't get discouraged. There is such a thing as secondary infertiity. It is when you have other children and now are having problems conceiving. Have you been charting your BBT or using an OPK to check for ovulation? DH can also be the issue. Sperm varies, so he is not in the clear just yet. If you feel this is a real problem then go to your OBGYN and get a check up and request some fertility tests. That is a good place to start. Don't give up hope. GL and keep us informed on how you are doing.



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