geting pregnant
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marci gotz - March 15

My Fiance' and I have been trying to et pregnant for 7 months now. I am a healthy 30 yr old woman and my fiance' is 32 yr old healthy man. We have a great sex life. We have tried all the positions, we have researched on the internet. But noithing. Please help...!!!!!


Lilu - March 15

We've been trying the same amount of time as well! It's so fustrating! I chart my temps. and do the opks and still nothing. I had a stillborn baby last august. With her I got pregnant on the first try. I don't know what the issue is so you're not alone. How long are your cycles? Are you pinpointing your ovulation?


June - March 15

I'm sorry to say this but positions have really not much to do with it...I think maybe you should both take other measures. You can start by BBT and checking your cervical mucus along with a calendar of your cycle. And your Fiance can go get a complete an SA. I think that would be better than just positions. Any position would work.:)



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