get preg, then miscarry before period comes?
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emily - June 25

anybody get pregnant, and get positive tests, then your period comes and your preg symptoms go away and so does the positive tests?


Anna - June 25

Yes! That happened to my best friend unfortunately she had a miscarriage. As for another friend she had her period while being pregnant for 3-4 months! Try not to stress to much about and go see a doctor ASAP. Good luck!


emily - June 25

thank you! im going to the dr this week. :) i heard b6 helps, so im taking it..


kc - June 25

emily, That happened to me twice when I was trying to conceive my daughter. The first time I just thought my af was a few days early. I never tested, but felt something was wrong, more cramping that usual, heavy bleeding ect. After talking with my doctor, he told me I probably had an early mc. It happened again about 6m later. If you were only pg for two weeks gestation age. There is little the doctor can do. Usually a D&C is not needed. But it wouldn't hurt to go see the doctor just to be sure. Good Luck.


emily - June 25

thanks kc, so then did the doctor need to prescribe something to prevent it from happening again?


kc - June 26

emily- he told me they don't worry until you mc three times in a row. I just recently mc in april ttc #2. This time I was 7 weeks. I asked my doctor if progesterone would have pervented the mc since the baby was fine. The problem was with the attachment of the placenta. He told me in that situation the progesterone would have pervented the mc for a few weeks then I would have lost the baby later. I'm not sure if this is true or not but he is the doctor. I think if very early mc keep happening they can do tests to see if it is a hormonal imbalance. If it is they can give you something to help. Since this is only the first time it happened for you I wouldn't worry. They say as many as 1/4 pg end in very early mc. So keep your chin up and try again I'll sprinkle some baby dust on you. You can try again after your first af. Good luck



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