Genetic Testing
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Hopeful - November 3

It has been determined that my d/h has no sperm in his ejaculate. He saw a fertility specialist yesterday and they took blood for genetic testing to see if he is able to produce sperm. Is anyone familiar w/ this? He's had all the other blood test and those were fine it's just the absence of sperm. Do you think my husband has sperm but it's not appearing in his semen? The dr said that we would have to do IVF to get pregnant if he does produce sperm. I need as many thoughts as possible.


isa - November 3

I saw a show the other day called The Baby Lab. A doctor in St. Louis, usa does a procedure where he can go into the mans scotoum I believe it is and take our sperm to be used in ivf procedures. He may be the only doc to do it I am not sure. Google Doctor Sherman Silber.He is the founder of the icsi procedure (where you put sperm into the egg for ivf). One of the man had the same problem on the show as your dh and they found sperm other places. It is possible, it just might be expensive and you may have to go to this doctor but it is worth looking into if you want to have your own children. He also has a book out which I found out from going into the Amazon website and searching by his name. I had a thread ealier on this book which I will bump up for you to read if I can find it.


isa - November 5

same show came on again tonight and it was the testes that this doctor can check to get sperm from and he only needs to find one sperm but obviously he would like to find more than one and then do the ivf icsi (which this doctor discovered).



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