genectic problem;Robertsonian Translocation
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christina - November 19

my husband and i have been ttc for 7 years. 2 years ago found out that there was genectic problem in the family that my husband and his sister are carriers. in women they tend to miss carry during the third month and have a higher risk of downs and in men they have a very low sperm count. less than 1%. and the risk of downs is higher than that of a normal couple. so as a result us ttc is slim to none on our own without some medical help. but IVF procedure called ICSI is our only way to have a child of our own but is very expensive and is less than 15% chance of working. we were also told to go with a donor sperm because of the genectic issue which would be half ours. i love my husband very much and this whole issue was very hard on him. he did go through hell. we argued and decided to put having ababy on hold. he said if he couldn't father a child he did not want one. i was very sad and became bitter my self. but then i had to put myself in his shoes. i would be angry and sad too if i was told i couldn't have a child. we have seenfive nieces and nephews being born. we are now 32 years old and not getting any younger and we both decided together that we want a family more than anything in the world and will try anything to have one. so as we begin our fertilty journey together we pray the final outcome will be a baby. we are also praying for that miracle that we conceive on our own while going through fertilty. miracles do happen you never know.


Tionna Hutchins - April 28

What is a Zygote


maggie - May 12

Hi Christina,
We have just found out too that my partner has 45xy robertsonian translocation, so if it makes you feel better you are not alone......we dont know much about it yet and have to go to see a genetics councillor in June, we are praying that we are going to be able to have a healthy baby but by reading your story the chances dont sound too good do they.....let me know how you get along as i havent met anyone with this condition yet apart from yourselves....good luck x x x


isabel - May 17

i have found a lot of information on and other places. The robertsonian translocation (i think) is a factor in other trisomies as well. 18, 21, and 13. take care!


bonnie - June 20

we have a normal daughter and one daughter with down syndrome. i am the carrier of robertsonian translocation. there is hope out there of having a child that is just fine,a child that is a carrier, or a DS child..have faith and good luck...a good site is for more info


Pebble - August 12


There is an answer. You should ask your consultant about PGD. My husband is also a carrier of Robertsonian Translocation. We're waiting to see the specialist to start the whole procedure.



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