gas and sex
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wonderer - March 15

Has anyone in here ever have gas during sex? For some reason I sometimes get really gassy and want to fart (sorry for tmi) but I don't want to ruin the mood but I also don't want to feel discomfort feeling during it and try to hold it in. Any ideas? I don't eat anything or drink anything that would make me gassy for it would be like 5 hours or so since my last meal. I don't understand why it is that I don't feel gassy before having sex but, it only comes on right in the middle of doing it or right when the mood is just right between us. Has anyone else gone through this?? thanks.


bump - March 18



Me - March 19

I sort of have the same problem, but I can't offer you any advice since I haven't found a solution yet. It just seems like the "open" position I am usually in right before or during sex makes me want to fart!
I just hold it for a few minutes and then the urge usually goes away. My dh and I are both very relaxed about these things, but I wouldn't feel very sexy if I farted right then.


MuzikGurl - March 19

Finally!!! someone other than myself that can understand how embarrassing it can be.


well - March 20




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