FSH injection response time???
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ness2378 - January 31

I was wondering if you ladies out there taking daily FSH injections (I am on Gonal-F), could tell me how many days you had to take the injection before you responded? I know every women is different but I am trying to get at least a ball park figure. Those shots are NOT fun!! Thanks so much!


J - January 31

Hi, I took Follistim injections for my first IUI cycle (which was successful) and I took them for 6 days. I took 5mg of Arimidex (similar to Femara) on day 4, and then the injections on days 6-11. An ultrasound on day 12 showed that it was time for my trigger shot, so I had that on day 12 and the IUI on day 13. I did get pregnant that cycle. I was on 100 IU of Follistim per day, and I produced at least two eggs, possibly three (but only one was fertilized). Are you taking the injections in your stomach? My RE lets you do them in the arm instead. It obviously worked since I did produce multiple eggs. They are still somewhat painful, but I would imagine they're much less painful in the arm than in the stomach. Good luck!!



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