FSH evelated
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na25 - March 13

Hello, My FSH is evelated (cd3 13.1 and cd 10 18.6), my dr sd that's very high for someone my age (26)...But she sd that i responded good to clomid and that my estrogen is good. I don't know what to think now????Specialist wants to see me next Tuesday to talk to me...I don't know what to espect...this week will be loooooong....Did anyone had FSH evelated???


linds99 - March 13

Yes, your FSH gauges ovarian reserve. In general, under 6 is excellent, 6-9 is good, 9-10 fair, 10-13 diminished reserve, 13+ very hard to stimulate. your doctor will likely be talking to you about injectionable cycles to see if you develop follicles with them. Good luck! I just wanted to say sometimes FSH levels change cycle to cycle, so maybe yours will be lower the next cycle. Don't give up hope, our bodies are sometimes totally unpredictable.


isa - March 15

dont get too down. When i started my fertility treatments 2 years ago my first fsh was in the 12 or 13 range and i stimmed fantastically on injectibles (I"m 41 1/2 now) and did a bunch of iui's but I was never able to fertilize and implant so we moved to ivf. I did my first ivf with an fsh on cd2 or 3 with a 15.9 (my doc doesnt put as much emphasis on fsh as most RE's as there is new evidence out there that RE's put too much impact on them) but anways with a 15.9 i managed some great embryos, they fertilized with icsi but unfortunately still not implanting. A high fsh at your age is much better than a high fsh at my age but as linds says it does show a reduced ovarian reserve and reduced egg quality in most women. My accup doc (also trained MD) says that stress can be a huge factor in fsh levels. I was on clomid but it thinned my lining too much and i needed supplemental estrace (estrogen)to thicken my lining so if you are on comid make sure you are monitored and they check your lining b/c if its too thin you wont be able to carry a baby even if it implants. good luck


dunne - March 15

Hi Isa, I was just wondering how many follies you had before you started ivf etc...My FSH was 11 on day3 but I was told I only have 1 follicle in each ovary and therefore my only option if Clomid does not work are doner eggs. I am also older, 43 in Apr...do I have any chance to get pg on my own?


Diddybubby - March 25

Hi Ladies - I am 36 and my fsh level on CD1 was 37.5. My consultant says there is no more he can do for except recommend a clinic in Spain or Russia for egg donation. I have been on Clomid & did ask about injections, but he says these will be no good??? My scan did show follicles but they were quite small. I am so confused.


chele - March 26

Hi, I have been watching your thread because I too have been told I have an elevated FSH (day 1 was 11) so I check in to see what others w/ higher FSH are doing. I'm positing to hopefully give some hope.... DIDDYBUBBY, I read your post and wanted to let your know that one of my co-workers started off w/ a 54 FSH, yes a 54 she even showed me the paperwork. Well she was put on Gonal-F and they were able to bring her FSH down the month she conceived, it actually showed at an 8 and she conceived a beautiful little girl through IUI. She'll be turning 2 in Sept. Good Luck!


na25 - March 26

Hi, everyone! Thank You for your responds. My dr sd he wants me on clomid for 5 more month and if that doesn't works we will move to injections. My progesteron level showed up good they said i must have ovulated and will see what happens...I also ordered some chinies herbs, people swear they do help to lower fsh...will give it a try..will keep you updated.


Diddybubby - March 27

Chele - Thanks for that, it has really perked me up a bit. Will definitely mention Gonal-F to my consultant. He has agreed to do another blood test on day 1 of next cycle, so I will talk with him then. Thanks again Chele


chele - March 27

Your welcome. Hope it helps!


justme100 - March 28

Hi Everyone,
I delivered a stillborn son in 10-02-06 at term. I am 40. I have been trying to get pregnant since. My FSH was 11. I am doing the challenge test and somewhat nervous. I saw the RE today and he would like me to do the injections but b/c of insurance I have to do the challenge. He didnt seem like anything was hopeless. He said he didn't put everything into the FSH #'s. He said it is the whole picture.
ISA did you have a baby ? I have another son I had at 38.
What is the difference between a day one and day 3 test ?
Thanks Everyone.


chele - March 29

JUSTME, Oh I am so sorry.... Did the last conception happen on a regular cycle or were you doing assisted reproduction?


justme100 - March 29

Hi Chele,
Thank You for your warm thoughts. I conceived in my own. I have never used art before. I am needless to say nervous. I am looking into Acupuncture as well.


chele - March 29

JUSTME, hopefully they were able to figure out where the problem was and monitor it this time around. :0)


justme100 - March 29

I am not expecting now. My s/b had no problems he compressed his cord.
I am just worried about the level of 11.5. We are trying to conceive right now.



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