FSH day 3, reading 8.8
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lifequest - August 3

Anyone know what there day 3 reading was for FSH...and anyone have a high number like me (8.8) and still GOT PREGO?
Hope to hear from someone...........soon.


linds99 - August 3

Normal FSH levels at day three are 3-20 mIU/ml. So it is normal for you. As long as your FSH is not higher than the LH, it is fine. (A normal LH level is similar to FSH. An LH that is higher than FSH is one indication of PCOS.)


Morrison1 - August 4

lifequest...actually, there is more of a distinction than that. Generally, a normal day three FSH is considered to be anything under 10 while an abnormal FSH is anything over 25. Measurements between 10 and 25 are considered borderline, which can mean different things to different people. Many REs will have an FSH cut off point...at which they will no longer perform IVF treatments due to the fact that elevated FSH decreases the response to normal IVF medications. From what I know, that will range from 12-15...so, once you hit the 12-15 range, you may still be considered borderline, but you might have trouble doing IVF. 8.8 is still in the normal range and under 10, which is a good thing!! Try not to worry as you clearly still have healthy ovaries and good eggs. For the record, I am 37 and have an FSH of 11.2 I have m/c twice since Feb. 06, and while my RE doesn't "love" my FSH number, he is VERY optomistic that my DH and I will go on to have a couple children - naturally. Good luck to you!


Morrison1 - August 4

Oh, and another thing - linds is right...they also look at your FSH level in CONJUNCTION with your estradiol, not alone. So be sure to ask your doctor about that level as well.


lifequest - August 4

Hi Ladies, wow, thanks so much for all your advice, that's great! I feel better now. Though, linds99 you said to watch for my LH and FSH...well on day 3, my LH was 2, and my FSH like I said was 8.8 what do you think of that? As per my clinic, they told me that as long as I'm under 10, I'm fine...I'd rather hear it from ladies like you, for a second opinion...it's different every where so I'm glad for any comments or help...Morrison1, I'm sure things will work out for you too...what treatments are you both doing, and where are you at, right now? ~ Baby Dust~


linds99 - August 4

Luteinizing Hormone on cycle day three should be less than 7 mIU/ml...so you are normal at 2. I've read that a normal LH level is similar to FSH. An LH that is higher than FSH is one indication of PCOS.


lifequest - August 4

Thanks linds99, what treatment are you doing and where are you at?


isa - August 4

just another tid bit of advice, make sure when you are asking about #'s that the clinics offer the same comparison levels. I freaked out once b/c I asked about certain #'s of mine on something and everyone said it was bad etc etc and so i finally went in to see the doc and he said i can't compare my #'s to USA #'s as Canadian #'s are done differently and my number was fabulous and I'd worried about nothing. (sorry I forget what numbers I was referring to thou it was awhile ago). I am 40 and my fsh is 12.3 and my doc says no problems with ivf (which I'm considering) and anything between 10-15 is heightened but not terrible. It's just elevated. Many girls on here have gotten pregnant with much higher than 15 as well. You are more than fine -you are actually very lucky. Over 20 I think he said was pre menepausal but one gal on this got pg with an fsh of 21 so never say never!!


Morrison1 - August 5

ISA - I have heard a lot of positive, great stories about pg with elevated FSH as well. LIFE, I am 36, live in Denver and as far as treatment goes I am doing acupuncture. I see an RE, and after all the diagnostics, the FSH is the only thing that is a potential issue for me. Everthing else is fine. I did also have an HSG and one of my tubes "looked" closed. However, with an HSG, cramping and spasms of the muscle can cause a tube to look blocked when it isn't (it's common with that procedure). I am still going to go in to have a tubal canulizatoin so that they can be sure it's open, but that's also not to big of a deal. I have been pg 2x in 4 1/2 months, so conceiving doesn't seem to be a major issue. Anyway...glad we could be of help. You are just fine and everything should be falling into place soon. Good luck and baby dust!


Ann1 - August 5

lifequest, like everyone has said, your fsh is not bad at all. It is basically on the upper end of good, and is nowhere near any level that will keep you from getting pg. Not only should they look at your estradiol (aka "E2") in conjunction with fsh, but most RE's now also look at your Inhibin-B in conjunction with fsh as well. My fsh is 12.9 and I am 37. You can lower your fsh, but unfortunatly, the drs say that means nothing. You go by your worst reading, which makes sense because your egg quantity and quality can only decline since it is impossible to make new eggs. I was ttc for over 2 years. I had 7 failed iuis (clomid and injectibles) and got pg on my own while waiting for ivf (10.5 weeks along now). I did acupuncture and, after doing acupuncture, I got a fsh reading of 5.4. The 5.4 cycle is the same one where I got pg on my own. Good luck to you and it sounds like your numbers are fine!


lifequest - August 5

You guys are awsome! Once again, thank you for all your help, advice and support. Ann1, CONGRATULATIONS! Wow, that is a great story...how are you feeling at 10weeks? I can't believe that acupuncture would work so well. How many treatments did you do of this? I didn't know it could help in the fertilty. Your FSH numbers really decrease, that's excellent.Morrison1, I'm 35, and I'm from Canada. ttc for 2 years, and have now seeked the help of a fertility specalist for over 8 months. I'm sure after 2 pg. the next one will the "one", for you, good luck...Isa, thanks for all the info, you sound like your very well educated in this feild.I hope this summer brings many babies our way....~baby dust to all of you~


Ann1 - August 6

lifequest, thanks, and I feel great. I have been extremely lucky--no m/s at all. The only notable side effect I've had is periodic bad headaches. It is tougher when you can't take anything! I know they say Tylenol is ok, but I have just been dealing with it. I did acupuncture for about 3 months between my 12.9 and 5.4 readings. I went about once per week at first then dropped it down to once every other week. Acupuncture also helps w/implantation, because it increases the blood flow to the pelvic area and just keeps your body balanced in general. I kept going after my bfp because it also decreases the m/c rate in ivf, so I thought it would be good for a regular pregnancy m/c prevention as well. The fsh readings are strange things. I had never gotten one above 6 and then all the sudden I had a 12.9--very stressful! If there is one thing I've learned through this process is to be as aggressive as possible, because you never know when things will start getting worse!! I hope you get your bfp soon.



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