FSH and miscarriage question--what to worry about first
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cromwell - May 18


I am just starting on the ttc journey this year. I am 37 with one miscarriage already in March. I am worried about FSH (among many other things). Could I have gotten pregnant spontaneously with an elevated FSH? I was curious if this could be used as a rule out. Or could elevated FSH cause miscarriage too? Thanks for any info. laurie


Ann1 - May 18

Yes, you can still get pg with a high FSH. High FSH just means you have a diminished ovarian reserve, but you can still realease a good egg. It just means that it is more likely that not all of your eggs are good. With high FSH, there is also an increase in the miscarriage rate. Have you gotten your FSH tested?


cromwell - May 18

No, not yet. I am almost too scared to know. Ready stuff on the internet strikes huge fear in me. I was pregnant and had a miscarriage Feb/Mar and two cycles since then. Don't feel pregnant at this point (had a lot of breast tenderness the first time). Am already feeling pretty anxious about the age thing. Laurie


cromwell - May 18

Whoops, typo. I am at work. "reading" stuff on the internet scares me. I was feeling positive when we started because there is no early menopause in my family and we seemed to get pregnant quickly. And I didn't interpret that as a negative. But my GYN didn't exactly coach me on when to pursue stuff if I wasn't readily pregnant again, just coached on what happens if I miscarry again. Thanks for any information. L


Ann1 - May 18

I will be 37 on Sunday and my fsh is "borderline." It was some devastating news, but I am glad I know. Now I know that I need to be more aggressive. I have done 2 iui with injectibles cycles and plan to move to ivf if this cycle doesn't work. How long have you been ttc? What have you done and what tests have you gotten?


cromwell - May 19

We started trying in January, I went off the pill in October 05. Then I was pregnant by Feb cycle, m/c in March. We didn't wait, the OB/Gyn said it was so early of a loss that I would be fine to try again. Then we have tried April and now and I am fairly sure I am not pregnant this cycle. I just don't want to wait around on this. We haven't done anything yet, again, my doctor just didn't seem that razzed. I AM! My husband, mother etc are all on my case about getting concerned too early. I will be 38 in September. Why injectibles with IUI if your FSH is borderline? I don't really know much yet, just learning as I go. Why not just injectible clomid w/o IUI? We are on the road as of this weekend so I may not check back very quickly. Thanks for anything you can tell me. L


Ann1 - May 19

Before the injectibles, I did 6 cycles of clomid (1 natural and 5 with iui). Before that, we had been trying for over a year naturally. When they took my fsh a year ago, it was only 5.9. Then in January it was 12.9, so now I am in panic mode! My RE actually likes to see the fsh under 8, so he is concerned with my number. You should worry about anything too much. You got pg in 4 months after coming off the pill, so you got pg faster than average. It would definitely not hurt to get blood work done, but there is likely nothing wrong with you at all. I hope you get pg this cycle! I just took a hpt this morn (13dpo) and it was a BFN. I gave myself 39 shots in the stomach this cycle and still nothing...


NicoleM - May 19

Hi cromwell, sorry you sound so stressed. I just thought I'd share with you that my mom had my sister when she was 37 - no problems at all. She is perfectly healthy and happy. In fact she's an awesome 17 yr old athlete - there was even an article in the newspaper about her last week! Anyway, I know that after 35 people worry about things like DS, but it's a lot more likely that you'll have a healthly baby. I think it would be best to be prepared for any possibility, but don't stress over it if you can help it.


cromwell - May 22

Thanks for the input Ann and Nicole. I swear I do okay then wake up in the middle of the night all panicked too, despite all the positive news. Ann, I have also done acupuncture and am thinking about going back again more consistently. There are some studies out there that say acupuncture may be helpful in conjuction with IVF. Does the Clomid cause some rising of FSH levels? Or was that totally unrelated? There is so much info out there it is hard to sift through it. I am planning on making an appointment for an evaluation. I dread it!


Ann1 - May 22

I have been doing acupuncture for about 3 months now. I didn't provide any miracles! I just got back from an appt w/a new RE. Assuming my fsh level hasn't gotten significantly worse, we are going to do ivf next. I had to switch REs, due to insurance purposes. This month will be "off" for tests. Clomid does raise the fsh level when used with the clomid challenge test. They test your fsh on day 3, you take 100mg clomid for 5 days, and they test again on cd10. If you get a normal reading, the cct may cause you to see that your fsh really is high, because your body won't be able to keep the fsh low. I know what you mean about dreading the evals. I am waiting for more cd3 blood work. It is supposed to be back tomorrow. I am very scared. If my fsh is too high, the RE says even ivf likely won't work...did you take progesterone when you got pg before? When you get pg again, your dr will probably put you on it to prevent miscarriage. Do you know what you will do next?


cromwell - May 26

Hi Ann, what was the result of your blood work? I just can't accept this idea that we are out of eggs at this age! My great grandmother had kids into her 40's. My grandmother had a baby at 38. I had no tests before we started trying. In fact, I just had a conversation with my GYN nurse because I didn't understand why no evaluation at my age. She said that my GYN was not concerned about FSH because of the miscarriage (proof that I could get pregnant). Well, not reassuring, so I went ahead and scheduled an appt for fertility evaluation in July. That gives me a couple more cycles. Please let me know how you are doing. I think acupuncture can still be beneficial as well as alternative treatments. Oh, the nurse also told me that the progesterone levels and treatment ideas are controversial. (treating with progesterone, I guess, is not known to be efficacious.)


Ann1 - June 1

Hi Laurie. Sorry it took me so long to post. I have been out of town for most of the latter part of the month. My fsh was only 5.4 when they took my blood, so I am good to go for ivf! I just hope af doesn't arrive too early. Is your eval w/an RE? Hopefully you will get pg and won't have to worry about keeping your July appt!!


Morrison1 - June 1

Hi ladies. I hope you don't mind me joining you. I will be 37 in August and DH and started the ttc journey this year. I have had two m/c since Feb. and was thinking it was due to a luteal phase defect. I have also been seeing an acupuncturist for a month or so and have noticed some cycle improvements. We were planning to ttc again this month, but I just had FSH tests done yesterday. My level is 11.5. She said that it is high enough to warrant us going to see a fertility specialist. This news has thrown me for a loop because I didn't imagine I'd hear it. I really expected those numbers to be fine. What does this mean? Do we need to see a Fertility person or should we just ttc again? I don't seem to have trouble "getting" pregnant...it's staying that way that seems to be my problem. What do you think? Ann1, I noticed you are borderline at 12.9, but your level sure rose in a single year, didn't it? Are you still doing the acupuncture? Did you notice improvements? I had a longer luteal phase and a healthier period this month, which was good, but now I feel like there is another hurdle to get over. Anyway...I wish you all luck and appreciate the feedback. Oh, I also have been doing 300 mg of prog after o this last cycle...but that's it. No clomid.


Ann1 - June 1

Hi Morrison and welcome. A borderline fsh level means that your egg supply is dropping in number and quality. I very much think you should see a fertility specialist. When you have higher fsh levels, you are more likely to miscarry. That is good you are doing progesterone. I think the acupuncture is good. I've heard it helps in conjunction with fertility treatments. I figure it can't hurt! If nothing else, it is relaxing. If I were you, I would see the specialist. Information can only help in the process. The REs run many tests and may be able to give you info your ob/gyn cannot. How long is your luteal phase? I thought that usually affected your ability to get pg not to stay pg. Is that not correct? Good luck!


Morrison1 - June 1

Hi Ann. Thank you for your response and support. I actually mistyped and my number was 11.2 not 11.5; however that doesn't change things much. A short LP can cause m/c because the body sheds the lining of the endometrium before the egg has a good chance of implanting. Basically, there just isn't time and the endometrium isn't healthy enough (long and short of it). But, my luteal phase could have been short b/c my FSH was getting higher. I will call the specialist today, but it's SUCH a bummer. I just never expected this. I will be 37 soon, but I didn't think that would be my problem since we have had NO trouble conceiving. Do you know of many success stories with FSH in that low boarderline range or is this worse than I thought? Are you still doing acupuncture?


Ann1 - June 2

Morrison, I don't know of anyone personally with a success story, but my old RE mentioned that he had a patient with an 18 fsh that got pg on her own after an ivf attempt. I am still doing accupuncture, but I am going to switch to once every two weeks I think until I start with ivf (you probably saw on that other posts that I have to take 3 months off due to surgery). What about you on the accupuncture? I also may take some of the herbs my accupuncturist suggests. I don't know for sure. My head is still spinning.



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