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Mellie - March 21

Hi Everyone,

I just got my basic fertility workup. I have PCOS but seem to ovulate (I'm on metformin). I have been trying for 6 months (7 cycles) and I'm 35 (turning 36 in a month).

Everything was normal except that my fsh was 11. I am devastated. I'm so afraid that I won't be able to get pregnant. Can someone give me some insight/perspective?




isa - March 21

dont put too much emphasis into your fsh and 11 is not a big deal. I did my ivf with a 15.9 and still had 3 fantastic embroys and I stimmed just fine. Most RE's put more emphasis on the fsh than they should. If all your other levels are fine dont worry until it hits around 20 or higher when that means you will have more difficulites having a pg. I've read stories on ivfconnnections of gals having high fsh (in the 20s) and gettting pregnant naturally so dont worry. Worry will cause stress and stress and trying to get pg dont work well together.


Ann1 - March 21

I went through what you are going through w/fsh. Mine had always been in the 5s and then boom I got a 12.9 on cd3 while doing the clomid challenge test and my cd10 was 15.9 ("my" reading was 12.9 b/c you go by your unmedicated number). Fsh fluctuates every month, but I've had 3 drs tell me that you go by your worst, unmedicated reading (i.e., if you get a good reading the next month, it doesn't mean your situation is any better). When I got the bad results, I had been ttc for a year and 10 mos or so and had done 6 cycles w/clomid (5 of which I also did iui). After I got the news, I opted to do 2 injectibles cycles and then move onto ivf. I got bfns on both injectibles cycles, and got the saline sono for ivf. The dr found fibroids and wanted to remove them, so I scheduled the surgery. A few days before the surgery I got a bfp on a natural cycle! Go figure--at that point, I had been ttc for 2 years 3 mos and was 37 years old. The only thing I was doing differently was acupuncture. Sorry so long about me, but I had to tell you where I am coming from. Having gone through this, my advice for you is to be agressive and find a dr who will be v agressive. I would either try a couple injectibles w/iui or move straight on to ivf, if I were you. Bad fsh results are completely devastating. On the positive side, 11 isn't that bad, but since fsh fluctuates, you never know the extent of the situation. Good luck!! I hope you get your bfp soon.


Blakey - March 22

Hi Millie,
Not to be too concerned. My FSH was always a 4 or 5 and then after 6 months it jumped to 10.8- My RE said it was still okay to proceed with my IVF cycle, for it was still in the range. My RE said they like to see it under 10, but a little above is still okay. Anywa, I had a 10.8, and had a great cycle! I had 11 follicles and 7 eggs retrieved. i had 2 embryos put back, and on Feb. 26th I got the news my HCG test was positive!! This is my 1st pregnancy and I will be 41! Also, your FSh can change every month. if it high one month, like say, a 14, your RE may advise you to sit out a month, due to the FSH measures your reserve, and you may not respond well that cycle, with developing follicles, but the next month, it could be different, a lower number. That is why your RE will, and should test you on day 3, before you start a cycle, to give you the best possible cycle, and best possibility for developing lots of follicles. Hang in there hon...11 does not sound that bad. My RE would have proceeded with my cycle is I was an 11, if it was a 12, we probably would have waited. Good luck!


Mellie - March 22

Thanks for your help, everyone! May I ask, how did those of you who had IVF go about choosing your clinic? I'm in Chicago and there are many. I looked up success rates in my age group but I understand that can be misleading due to how they choose their patients.


Ann1 - March 22

Mellie, I got a recommendation from my ob/gyn. I really like her, and trust her opinion. If you know anyone that has gone through infertility treatments, that might be a good place to start, too. I also had to check to see if the drs took my insurance, so I looked on my insurance website. Hope this helps!


Blakey - March 23

Hi Millie,
My clinic was referred to me by my primary care physician. after 3 years, and sill not pregnant, he called the fertility clinic right away for me, for a referral.

Going on line is a good idea too, as far as checking stats, and usually they will give you a list of RE's so you can try to find a good fit for yourself. As for me, my first RE, I didn't care for, and then I switched, to someone who was a little more warm and fuzzy, and was going to help me achieve my goal. I would reccomend if your not happy with the RE you choose, don't hesitate to switch, their a re a lot of them out there, and you want to choose someone who will be positive, and help you with every possible chance of conceiving! All the best to you, and keep in touch!!! :-)



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