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tonyaandjoe - May 25

has anyone had the bw done on cd 3 of FSH? can any one tell me what #'s are good and what they are supposed to be?


Blakey - May 25

Hi tonya-
Usually they like to see your FSH on day 3 under 10. As we get older, the number goes up, for it's what measures our ovarian reserve.
I had an FSH of 10.8 my l;ast cycle of IVF, and my RE still said we were okay to proceed. I had a great cycle that month (this past Feb)- and actually got pregant, but had a m/c in April. :(

Anyway,...sorry to get side tracked. The number will give your RE an idea of how you should respond with that cycle to stims. If someone had an FSH of 12, the doctor may advise to sit that cycle out, for it may not be a good month for that individual whose cycling, because the number is higher. The number can change every month, and be high one month ,and low the next. If it starts to be consistent with the same number (say 12's) then that is a sign of diminished reserve. so again, anything under 10 is awesome! all the best to you~


tonyaandjoe - May 26



lovemy3 - May 26

Mine was done on cd7 ( although its suppose to be cd3) and mine was 7.7 and I'm 38 yrs old. My dr said it was fine.


chele - May 26

Hi Tonya, Blakey explained it very well. I had a 10.4 when I had mine done a few months back and it as Blakey stated caused a small alarm to go off for my RE. He say's that you can't tell if it's the quality or quantity but it does indicate a deficieny somwhere of a small level. I am on my 1st and hopefully last IVF cycle and he has just adjusted/prescirbed medicines based on my previous IUI responses and slightly higher FSH level. Best of luck!



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