frusturated with peoples comments
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v - May 17

Who else here is sooo tired of all of the comments that people make when your trying to conceive. Like "Oh, just relax" "Don't think about it" "there's nothing wrong, just try harder" "Just need to practice,practice, practice" My husband and I have been trying to conceive for 8 mos. now. I had enough, so I went to the doctor to get a hormone level test and my husband a semen analysis. Well, my results were well above normal. My husbands however weren't so great. It turns out my husband has a low sperm count and low motility. So now we have another issue to deal with. But at least now I have an answer as to why it's taking so long. No more guessing and wondering. I knew there had to be something because there is nothing wrong with me, there never has been, and there isn't any family history on my side of trouble trying to conceive.So to all of you woman who are in the same situation. I'm not going to tell you to relax and try harder. Because I know how sick I am of hearing all of that crap. I just wanted to give advice to any couple that has had been trying for more than 6 mos., go to the doctor, stop guessing and wondering, and have your partner go too.Yes, it's embarassing for the guy, but if your both serious and really want a child, he'll be willing to do it without hesitation.It is said that 30% of the time infertility it is due to the male sperm. But everyone automatically ASSUMES it is the female. So you can either take or leave the advice, but atleast now I can stop wondering.


miglena - August 25

good page


Justine - August 25

V - I had the same problem as you. My family kept telling me to not be stressed, go on holiday etc and then it would just happen - they meant well and for some people that may work but after a certain length of time you know something isn't right. I also had lots of people assuming it was me - I got told by my MIL and some of her friends it must be my fault because I was too old and that I wasn't normal because I couldn't produce a baby (I was 29 and knew the age thing was rubbish but it still hurt - its hard enough not being able to conceive without people being unpleasant). We did the tests after 2 years of TTC and my results were fine but my husband had low count, low motility and low morphology. We were referred to a specialist and it turned out we had virtually no chance of conceiving naturally - our only option was IVF-ICSI. It turned out my husband's infertility was probably due to my MIL taking the drug DES while pregnant. Going through the tests is very hard but you're right its the only way you'll find out the problem. Going through IVF was even worse but it worked first-time for us so it was definately worth it. Hope you get pregnant soon.


name - August 27

Aint it something to have people tell you to RELAX? those are the people I just want to hit in the face. I hate people always asking "oh when are u 2 going to have one?" When my stops kicking my hubbys sperms ass! What I hate evenmore is so meny people want so BAD to have kids and have such a hard ime then you have people out there who can pop 'em out like hot cakes and dont give a damn about them. Children are just so amazing, shame on the people who dont take care on them!!


kc - August 27

A good friend of mine told me to go to a wedding. She conceived 2 of her 3 children on night she attended weddings. Note this friend of mine has been pregnant 8 times. She has a medical problem and has difficulty carring to term but obviously her problem is not conceiving. I highly doubt the weddings were the magic pill for pregnancy. Another good friend of mine who knows I have been ttc for 16 months recently asked me to stop ttc until next year so we can be pg together. She wants a pregnant buddy. I told her at the rate I'm going she will deliver before I get even get a bfp. Friends are so incensitive sometimes.


Anna - August 27

Girls, when my DH and I decided to start ttc, we decided to tell very few people for this very reason. Now I'm glad we did, because we are having trouble ttc. He has to go in for a semen analysis and I have to start taking Clomid. Yipee. Not. We were hoping we could do this naturally. Atleast, we don't have to deal with prying people who are constantly asking us about it and giving us that same advice. Yet they don't really understand how it feels to be going through this. Only a few of our closest and most trusted family and friends even know. My advice - if anyone asks you about being PG or ttc, tell them your taking a very long break from it and focusing your time on other things. You'll let them know when you'll be ttc again. Maybe this will give you and your DH a break for a while so you can continue ttc in peace and without pressure. Good luck girls and *baby dust* to all of you! :)



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