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Shira - March 17

Hi. I have been married for almost a year now. My husband and i really want to get pregnant. I stopped the pill the month we got married and i get my period every month on the same day and i know exactly when my ovulation is. We have intercourse on those exacts dates. Both of us are really healthy and everything is just fine. So i don't understand why i still can't get pregnant. If everything is working perfectly why do i still get my period every month on the exact date. All i want is to be pregnant already. I have done everything right- i take vitamins, eat well, live a healthy life. My body is working perfectly at to its ovulation time and the dates of my period. We are a young couple 27 years old- both of us......
PLEASE HELP ME. I am so frustrated already. I just don't understand why it is so hard to get pregnant!!!!


wendy - March 17

I understand your frustration believe me I have been in the same shoes. There are many factors that go into getting pregnant and a lot of luck. You may be healthy and have a period like clock work BUT things may not be great. If you have been trying for a year or more and nothing then you really should see a infertility doctor. You may not be producing enough eggs during your cycle or your husband may have a problem with his sperm. ie not a high enough count or they are not of good quality. All of these factors go into getting pregnant and these are things that we would not know about with out testing. If you are that desperate then this should be something you should do, I recommend it because my husband and I have gone that route. If you are part of the population that has no reason on why you aren't getting pregnant like my husband and I, it is at least a piece of mind that you are a healthy person. Since my meeting with the infertility doctor and finding out that we have nothing standing in our way we have had alot less stress and now know that it can and will happen when the time is right. Good luck and just relax. It makes it harder on your body when you stress about it.


Kay - March 17

Hi Shira. Sometimes it just takes time. It took my grandmother 4 years to get pregnant for her first child, then she had 4 more, all in a row.
It took me a year with the person I'm with now to get pregnant, I honestly didn't think I could have anymore kids. One thing that I tried, and it might sound stupid, a friend tried it and it worked for her, right after we had sex I put a pillow under my butt so my lower half was sort of elevated. We did this several times, and then I became pregnant. I was shocked. I mostly look to that as to why I got pregnant. My son is 6 years old and I tried for years to have another one.
I hope this helps you out. If you haven't tried it, try it. I really believe that is what helped me.


Amanda - March 17

How do you know exactly when your ovulation is?? Please help me


Kay - March 18

Keep track of when your periods are each month, count how many days it is from the day you start to the next time you start. This is how many days your cycle is. Sometimes it can be different each month though. Mine were always between 32 and 35 days. But halfway through, that's when you ovulate. I used to get some cramps when I was ovulating. Also, sometimes your body goes through some minor changes when you're ovulating.
Hope this helps.


shira - March 20

Thanks guys. i appreciate your help. I will go see another doctor this week. I just never thought it would be so hard to get pregnant. Like i said, espcially when both my husband and i are yound and healthy.
Kay- i did try with the pillow many times. I think that for some it works and for others it doesn't.
Like Wendy said, it is just a lot of luck......which is how i see it now.
Amanda- i have been taking the ovulation home tests. That is how i know exactly- but now if stopped since every month it was on the same day- so i know the exact date.
Good luck to everyone and to me too.....



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