frustrated and depressed
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nikki11 - September 20

Hey everyone!!!! im ttc and we have been trying about 8 months with no luck but may have miscarried in june..... done everything i can and tryed so hard so this month on the advise of a few people we are taking it easy and not trying so hard and just hope it falls into place.... its wat we want more than anything in the entire world... just in need of a chat and let me know if your having troubles also... love nikki


thayward7 - September 21

Hi Nikki! There are so many supportive women on here - it's a great site. I'm sorry to hear about your miscarriage. That must have been so hard. It's so hard to "take it easy and not try so hard" isn't it! I have been ttc since March, but I am doing it on my own with donor sperm. Hang-in there girl. It WILL happen! Have you been on any fertility meds? Smiles and Babydust... T


ressie - September 21

hey nikki my bf and i just went for our first IUI on the 9th of this month we had been trying for a year before that. just keep trying and it will happen.


nikki11 - September 21

Thanks guys.. went for another blood test today to check hormones and dh had onetoo just to check everything with him... was horible i always have problems as i have small veins but this was the worst time very traumatic... anyways thanks and good luck also... keepme posted xoxox


DCL - September 22

Nikki - I have been trying for over a year and half - got pregnant APril 2005 on our own but miscarried 8 weeks later... I was so surpisrised last year that it only took a few months. I haven't been able to get preg since. Started IUI w/clomid in August and it looks like my second IUI didn't work as I feel like my AF is coming today. I am waiting on bloodwork so it's not confirmed but feel this month is over. I am so down in the dumps everyone around me is pregnant and I have relatives that keep on asking (old fashion folks) who don't know any better than to not ask. My poor DH has been so wonderfuland positive all these months but I think he is still losing hope. It just stinks b/c we waited over 4 years to have a baby. I never ever thought I would have problems but here we are. I haven't decided if I want to do a round 3 with IUI/cloimd this month as I may want to try on our own but obviuosly something is wrong with me. Passed all the tests, polyp removed and DH is perfectly fine. I just don't know what to do next...


mrshorse - September 22

Hi Nikki! I have been ttc for 6 years. I also had a miscarriage in april of last year. It was my second. The drs can't find anything wrong with either of us. It drives me crazy when ppl tell me to jsut hold on and relax and that it will happen when it's meant to be. That is something that ppl who got pregnant month one say. Have you tried any meds or anything? Also laps do wonders for some ppl. Good luck to you and keep us posted.


nikki11 - September 25

Thanks again for your support... DCL i know what you mean with what people say... they dont understand... i have a friend who is about to be a daddy and the mum dosnt even know if it is his or not. but he dosntknow and that really gets me. she got preg. so easliy and dosnt know who the daddy is...... argggg..... or the kids that get preg and cant look after the babies..... arrrgggg oh well it will hppen for us just wait and see good luck sweet. and mrshorse nah not tryed meds yt waiting to see at 1 yr... talk soon xo baby dust and good luck



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