Fruitfull intercourse time
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irfan - September 4

i m 25 year old and last month i got marriage
my wife is 20 years of age
since we both too young and we both don't know much
so kindly guide us
my ques is this
that what is the most appropriate day /time
for intercourse after a girl ends her periods
in which there are many chances of pregancey
my wife has her period starts for 10th of each month
so tell me after how many days
intercourse will be fruitful

thanks and regards


slowpoke01 - September 4

you should start having sex like around day 10 of her cycle and go until like day 16 or 17. count the 1st day of her period as day 1. this will cover all the fertile days unless she ovulates later in her cycle. good luck



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