from where to buy cheap injectables gonalf,menopur??
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louiseden - February 13

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AES - May 25

Did you find what you were looking for ASIH?


irenale - July 9

Hi! I have leftover Gonal-F and Menopur. Gonal-F - unopened 2 boxes, 300IU each. Menopur - not in a box, just 4 bottles left - each has 75IU of powder and comes with a bottle of saline. Spent lots of money, would like to resell to best offer. I live in bay area CA (east bay) but also commute to south bay, ready to ship... (925) 998-3242.


eposii - August 4

My nurse used to over-order for my TI cycles because insurance covered it but they wouldn't pay for IUI. Therefore, we had Bravelle left over when we moved on to IUI. We've since used that up. Again, she's been over-ordering (I was using Bravelle (26 vials), Menopur (14 vials), Cetrotide (5 syringes), Novarel, Endrometrin (90 ct), Apri birth control, Norethindrone (20 tabs), and doxycycline (10 tabs). Total cost so far is around $3,223.I then added in a Lupron trigger that was $100. ) for IVF since it's covered (we pay less than $4000 for everything). I only used about half of it for IVF #1. She ordered the same again this time. I could ask her to cut it down and pay even less, but I really, really hope to be able to donate my stockpile someday to someone that needs them since we've been so fortunate to pay so little.Willing to accept anything above $2000-$2700 for all. (470) 588-5612


pinkconverse - August 22

Hi eposii, i'm interested in purchasing the menopur, endometrium, cetrotide. I start my IVF injections really soon and am really interested in possibly purchasing these from you??? I have no insurance and pay for everything out of pocket. Anything helps if you are able to help.


MrsEshaw - September 16

Hi ! I have one brand new, unused Follistim 900iu pen left over from my IVF cycle last month. It has been properly stored in the refrigerator and expires Dec 2019. Call/Text 941-914-3173. I am willing to Facetime/Skype so you can see the meds and know that I am not a scammer! :) Price is $350.


vale78 - September 19

Hi, yesterday after the seventh ultrasound with no follicles, my husband and I have decided we're done with IVF in US and we'll try with egg donation in Europe, so I have some unopened, sealed and always kept refrigerated meds that I wish I could resell in order to afford the trip to Spain:
- Gonal-F 300, 2 boxes, exp. Aug 2018, $150 each
- Gonal-F 900, 1 box, exp. Aug 2018, $420
- Cetrotide 0.25, 3 boxes, exp. Oct 2018, $45 each
- Menopur 75, 1 box with 5 units, exp. Apr 2018, $160

Any suggestion on where to sell them or what to do is very welcome, we live in Idaho, thank you :)


hopeful_mom - January 29

After longgg research, I found to have the best rates. So glad I ordered with them, it was easy and fast.


latinava18 - March 10

Hi there - Following a number of egg retrieval cycles, I now have several unopened and sealed boxes of leftover medications that I wish to resell. Medications include:
- Cetrotide (email for price/quantity)
- Menopur (email for price/quantity)
- injectable supplies

All medications have been properly stored in the refrigerator and expire in late 2019. I am willing to Facetime/Skype so that you can see the meds and know that this is not a scam.

Please email me - latinava18 AT G MAIL.

I live in CT, but am happy to commute to any of the surrounding NY/CT/NJ areas for an in-person review/drop-off/sale. Medications are also available for shipping. Happy to help in any way that I can! Thank you!


cmermon - April 7

3 Gonal-F 900 $300 each 1 Gonal-F 450 Multi-Dose $225 1 Follistim 300 $150 2 Ganilrelix Acetate $40 each - All properly stored Chrissy 724 554-2956
cmermon at hotmail dot com


cmermon - April 7

3 Gonal-F 900 $300 each 1 Gonal-F 450 Multi-Dose $225 1 Follistim 300 $150 2 Ganilrelix Acetate $40 each - All properly stored Chrissy 724 554-2956
cmermon at hotmail dot com


marinazdenver - June 11

Good afternoon, ladies. I have 3 unopened Follistim 300 units boxes. Got them a month ago and my Dr.'s office over ordered. $275/each


Eevenstarr - July 31

Hello ladies - I just did IVF and have leftover meds. 2 x Gonal-F 300iu (unused and refrigerated) and 2 x Menopur 75iu (in opened box of 10, refrigerated). Expiry 2020. Prefer to meet in LA. Angela (224)421-1082


Crowleycruiser - September 13

Hello RachelNC, I'm interested in all 20 menopur if you have them. My email is thekitchenexpert at mail dot com - yes it's mail not Gmail. Thanks! Adrienne



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