Friend Pregnant Again!
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jennie - December 24

i just talked to my best friend yesterday and she told me she is unexpectedly pregnant....again. she has a 2 year old son, and we had this pact that we'd "try" to be pregnant together, and have our kids grow up together like we did, but unless something happens soon, that won't be happening :( ya know, i felt so bad for her growing up cause she always had problems with her ovaries, she had endometriosis, she had cysts removed, and was put on BC for pasinful and irregular periods. the dr.'s said she'd never have a child, and her first month off BC she got pregnant with her son, and said she would wait till i was pregnant to try again, and her son was alittle older to, but she went off BC last month, because it was making her feel weird, so she was trying not to get pregnant, had sex only 1 time, and is pregnant again. me..there is nothing phsyically found wrong with me or my husband, so how is this fair? we have sex during all the right times, use OPK's, and no baby. iam bummed right now!


L - December 25

I hear your pain!! DH and I have friends all over the place that are getting pregnant!! We have a running joke with each other - "you CAN'T be happily married and get pregnant". We think we should get a divorce - then sleep together - then once we are pregnant - get back together! We haven't seen ANY married couple (that we know) have a baby in 13 years!!! The only ones that seem to be getting pregnant are the ones with boyfriends who dump them a couple of weeks before they find out that they are even pregnant!!! I guess we can't call it "in the family way" any more - after all, "family" means something totally different these days!!!


Claus - December 25

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!!



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