Friend in need of help
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Brittany - January 3

My best friend got married about 3 months ago and her and her husband are wanting a family. She's worried that she won't get pregnant because she lied about a miscarriage once to get rid of an old stalking crush and her husband knows the story and thinks it is true because she hasn't told him otherwise. She fears she won't get pregnant because of the horrible lie, does anyone believe she has made herself nonfertile, or cannot conceive becasue of her state-of-mind being she can't have kids becasue of it?


MuzikGurl - January 3

Absolutely not! being infertle can be psychological but, hardly...99% of the time it's physical not because of some supersition...or urban tail. She needs to confirm by going to the dr. and having him/her double check everything out and see what's going on and still if she has doubts go to another dr. get a second opinion....but, just because she lied about a miscarriage doesn't mean now she's getting a punishment for lieing. Now, I do believe in what goes around comes around but, I hardly believe that she's "infertile" because of a lie. In that case then, my car should have broke down today because I called in "sick" due to no way of getting to work...I mean, come's not reality. Hope she gets help soon...take care!


? - January 3

Sounds like she is still beating herself up over it. Perhaps if it still bothers and she is still beating herself up over it, she should be honest and she would feel much better. I believe that your state of mind can not necessarily make you infertile, but I believe it can indirectly affect it? Make sense? Not only that but it can have a large impact on the marriage! It sounds like a lie that was done for a good reason, but she should come clean with hubby. Just my opinion.



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