friction burn and ttc
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rose - November 14

I have a pretty graphic question. I have a problem that I can associate with ttc.Ever since we have been trying (13 mos.) I've noticed that the piece of skin between the anus and vagina gets really sore, and a thin layer of skin sort of rubs away a little bit.We don't have really rough sex or anything, and it's not a matter of lubrication. I think it's because of the position and constant friction on that area. We practice the normal (hips elevated, him on top) but this also occurs when when I'm not ovulating and we have sex in different positions.I have tried otc creams, liquid vitamin E and even neosporin afterwards, but nothing touches it.I have to have a cream from my doctor to help that thin layer of skin grow back. Has anyone else had this? My doctor says its normal, and that I just have sensitive skin and that may be so. But it's very difficult to deal with this when you have to have sex every other day when ttc. Please any advice?


Beth - November 14

I would suggest not BDing for a few weeks, and letting it heal. If that's not possible, then try some other positions. Being on top takes a lot of pressure off, and doesn't hurt hardly at all, and helps because you can position yourself for the best feelings! I would also suggest if you are on the bottom, take out the pillow. You have just as much chance of getting pregnant without it, and it may help with the angle to decrease pressure. Also, one of the things that may cause that is if one or both of you "trims" down there. It makes it much worse with shorter hair. Give the area time to heal with the ointment, that's all I would say is the best. Hope this helps!


To Rose: - November 15

Hi! DH & I have been TTC for going on month #15 now... I have a similar problem - only mine does not include any discomfort or as you mention "friction". My problem is that I am just about 5'2 & DH is 6'2. I am small down there (or was anyway) he is probably 8&1/2 when erect & there is girth involved... Sorry TMI!?! Anyhow - he is well endowed & I am petite.. Thus our "togetherness" if you will, causes strain on that area from vagina to anus. It has literally slowly torn away about an inch! I am left with probably 3/4 of an inch of skin.... Now - if this is reason for our "infertility" - I dont know... I doubt it though. What I do know & will suggest is that you pay EXTRA special attention to your body as when the skin donw thereis that sparse, there is a very heightened chance for infection : i.e.; bacterial vaginosis, beta-strep etc... Even if he is not touching the rectum - chances are that due to deep penetration & position changing - bacteria can be moved around.... Such infections are treatable but will make your enviroment a bit "hostile" to his swimmers... I use a baby wipe to thouroughly cleanse my vagina & another to cleanse my anus after every sexual encounter. Again sorry for TMI, but I'd hope to share with you what I've learned.... Heres to your BFP - good luck & BABY DUST!! Cheers!



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