frequent urination- is this normal???
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Cesca - September 5

Hi, all!! Just surfing through and found this great site, so I figured I would ask about something! Well, I can test in 5 days, but I really think I might be pregnant! I have many classic symptoms, but the one Im not sure of is frequent trips to the bathroom!! I have to pee more now than ever, but everytime I go, I pee alot! I thought that more trips = less pee, but it is like I have a full bladder always! can anyone help with this? my water intake is about the same as ever...... Thanks so much!! Cesca


Karen - September 5

Could be a uti but I hope you are prego!
Lots of luck! :-)


Helayna - September 5

I know I don't have an infection... I just pee ALOT!!! sorry. (tmi!) *hee hee* Has anyone else experienced this?



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