Frequent to Ocassional Fluttering in the stomach
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Purp1epassion - August 2

If there is any female out there who can relate to this type of occurance please respond to this message. Here's the situation!
I am married, have been fore 10 1/2 years. We have three children. My first pregnancy was ok. my daughter was a week over due, this was in 1995. My second preganacy, I was two weeks and had a miscarriage. This was in 1996. A month later I was pregnant again and that pregnancy was successful angain this was in 1996. In the year 1998 I tested positive for pregnancy through urine and blood test. About 4 to 5 months into my pregnancy, and ultra sound was conducted. My doctor informed me that he could not find a fetus, but to be sure additional blood work and test had to be done. Once the test were done and came back to me, I was told that based on my HCG Levels that they were to high. My HCG level were way above the normal range for a pregnancy. This was confirmed to be what is medically known as a Molar Pregnancy. Therefore, I was monitored for a year before trying to conceive another child. Well, a year later I got pregnant with my last child, which is a boy. I stayed sick a lot while carrying him. I could not work because I constantly stayed sick to the point where I was vomitting a bit frequent and this was in 1999.
Now, I and my husband do not use birth control at all. In the past yes, but now no! To get to the subject at hand. About a year ago, the year 2004 I've been experiencing some fluttering sesations. At first, I thought I was pregnant but could not have been because I have already had my mentrual cycle and still do to this day. I would get this fluttering sensation that is almost identicle to a baby's kick in ths middle to upper region of the stomach area. This sensation occurs throughout the day and when I'm lying down. Hum! what could this be? I don't know. I've been to a cardiologist to see if it is heart palpitations, in which I was told that caffine causes this. So I cut back on the caffine. I'm still experiencing this sensation. I had a EKG done and was told that, possibly this could be due to something that happen to you truamatically, so I was put on anxiety medication. I took these for a while but was still experiencing this sensation while on the medication. No help at all! But you know what? I have not been able to get pregnant againg since my last child and that was in the year 1999 and here now, it is 2005. That's
6 years. As I am writing you my experiences, I can still feel the fluttering followd by a slight pause in heart beat that causes me to take a deep breath. My question to you females, have you or do you know of a female who has been through what I've been trough?


MelissaS - August 2

Did your doctor mention that gas also feels like the fluttering of a baby? I get that quite frequently.


Beth - August 2

The first part you described sounds like gas. Actually, it's spasms coming from the bowels, you can actually feel it with your hands also. But the second part at the end, where you talk about having to take a deep breath, that sounds like heart palpaitations. I've had that, too. The doctor put me on a very low dose of heart medicine and it stopped it. After a while, I was able to go off that med, but every once in a while still get a palpitation. But, then again, you could be pregnant. I'd take a test.


Laura A - August 6

If it is in your upper right stomach under your rib cage it may be your gall bladder- I am having the same sensation and not sure if it is gall stones or just pressure from everything pushing ups. I have read that it is common to have gallstones following pregnancy


frasone - January 31

My experience is somewhat similar. I had a miscarriage in 2005 after 4 1/2 months of pregnancy. I have since developed hypertension which was related to the pregnancy.

Last February I had a myomectomy . During the surgery the Doctor discovered I had endometriosis.

Since the surgery I have been having mysterious flutterings or muscle spasms on and off located about 4 inches directly below my navel. It does feel like a baby kicking.

One of the things I was told was that my uterus took a long time to heal (after the baby) and after the myomectomy my stomach began to look like I was pregnant.

I do notice that the fluttering increases with the use of caffeine and with regular exercise.

I am not a Doctor but I wonder if the problem could be related to significant scarring as a result of surgery which then produces this sensation when that muscle tightens?


ferbek - September 4

lately i've been having those feelings as well. about 4 months ago they started and they were really light, I thought i could be pregnant, since that was the only time i ever felt that. During a c-section in 07' they cut and cautarized me so i figured i wasnt. i recently just had surgery to repair a hernia and they did a laparoscopy, my doctor said that they found a ton of scar tissue build up and removed it. it actually wrapped around one of my overies and stuck it to my abdominal wall. long story short, those "fluttery" feeling havent gotten much worse. i dont know if they were caused by the scar tissue or not, hope i helped, glad im not the only one feeling these


jademaiden - September 4

Hi, I was so surpised to see your post because I experienced something very similar about a year ago. I first started feeling them when I was only a few weeks pregnant (via IVF), but the embryo was not viable from the beginning, and as my hcg levels started going down, the fluttering got worse. I had a natural miscarriage. For about 2 months after that, I still had those weird fluttering sensations, mostly felt when I was laying in bed at night. It felt like a muscle spasm. I knew I wasn't pregnant because I was getting my period like clockwork. The third month the fluttering was the worst and I started spotting throughout the whole month. I went to the gyno and he said I had an incomplete miscarriage (4 months ago!) and it's my uterus contracting, trying to expell left over scar tissue. It was weird because my dr. did an ultrasound after the miscarriage and he said everything was gone... but apparently not! I had to have a D&C to clean my uterus out. Dr. said sometimes there is light adhesions (like a spider web) that can make conceiving difficult. I actually got pregnant on my own only 3 months after the D&C and the dr thinks just having any debris cleaned out could have made all the difference. From what the other ladies are saying, I'm thinking it's scar tissue that has caused us all to have these sensations. Maybe you should ask your dr. for a saline ultrasound just to make sure everything's okay? Good luck!



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