Free Fertility Blend for Men
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Staci - November 3

I have a bottle of Fertility Blend for Men that only has two pills that have been taken from it. It comes from a very clean and smoke free environment. My hubby took it on an empty stomach and it made him throw up. Not smart, but you know men! LOL So he refuses to take it now. I just want to offer it to a good home. If you would like me to send it to you, please email me your address at [email protected]. We paid $28 for it! Thanks so much! Like I said NOTHING is wrong with it. Hubby is just being a baby! He, he!


~C - November 6

Will you pay the shipping?


Staci - November 6

Yes I will pay the shipping! I just don't want the bottle to go to waste! It is great to get your man's sperm count and motility up, even if his is normal. Right now my hubby is taking 1000 mg vitamin C to help ensure that he produces healthy sperm.



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