Found out i have Endo, can i concive?
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Sally - February 10

Im 30 and Hubby and i have been ttc for 18 months, in that time my belly button kept bleeding when i started af. i went to the doctors 6 times and they just told me its nothing just take antibiotics. I then saw a fertility expert about a lap being done and i bought up that i have this thing in my belly button. He looked and within 30 seconds he said it was Endo! I cant belive noone else new what it was. Im so angry. To add to it all my very insencitive sister in law has emailed me her scan pictures. She is 32 and got pregnant after trying for 2 months! She is not a nice person anyway as some of you may have read my other posts. I dont know if i can cope with all this has anyone got any advise or can anyone tell me if i still have a chance of conciving withthis condition? I looked on the net but it only says about pelvic Endo not belly button.


Joy - February 10

Hi Sally: It really does not matter where you have it. You still can become pregnant. I have severe endo and I had a lap done on Jan. 9th. I had it on my bladder and I have to go back for another surgery in 6 months because I also have it on my appendix and between the back of my uterus and the intestines and they could not remove that one because it was too hard and needed a general surgeon for the appendix. I am now on lupron shots for six months and then I go for my other surgery. The doctor gave me a 70% chance of pregnancy. Don't lose hope. You need to find out where exactly you have it. If it is only around your belly button or around your reproductive organs as well. As long as your tubes, uterus and ovaries are good you should be fine. However, if your pelvic anatomy is distorted due to the endo you need to have surgery to restore it back to normal, which is what they will do next surgery for me. I am also 30 years old and all my friends have children or are pregnant so I know how hard it is. Don't lose faith or hope. That is the last thing you lose. You need to go to a good OB/GYN and get the endo removed.


Angie - February 11

Hello, Sally. I also have endometriosis and had my laparoscopy done last month. I had a chocolate cyst on my left ovary, and some adhesion on my bladder as well as my right ovary. Fortunately all of them were removed. I heard that endometriosis can be found almost anywhere. Before I research on this on the internet, I was scared and worried whether I can ever get pregnant or not, but I read many articles about the increased pregnancy rate after the laparoscopy. So now I cannot say that I am optimistic but I believe that I have a good chance to conceive. I totally understand how frustrated and worried you feel right now, but there are many women who are going through the same thing. So you dont have to lose your faith. I really believe that we all have a good chance to get pregnant. And yes, you should try to find someone who's specialized in endometriosis. Good luck to you, Sally.


aish - February 12

read finally i got bfp in this board ,that girl had endo and now she is preg... all the best sally


amapolitamomma - February 13

I was having symptoms of endometriosis, and all of my docs were almost positive I had it. I had an ultrasound done, which was inconclusive. But the docs said it looked like I had like sac-like thing which could have been a ruptured cyst in my uterine cavity. Anyway, I was about to go in and have a laproscopy, when I found out that I was preggers. The "ruptured cyst" was my daughter. I also know a girl w/ severe endometriosis who has 2 healthy babies. Have hope!


Sally - February 13

I spent all weekend feeling sorry for my self but now i have read all your posts i can now say im smiling again.
Thankyou all.



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