Found Cycst, Need Help!
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hballen - June 5

On Friday I went to have my 1st V. Ultrasound to check for PCOS instead they found a 3cm Cycst on my right Ovary. The Doctor is letting me try one more cycle of Clomid (50mg day 5-9) until my next US on the 30th. Has anyone had this and can shine some light on it for me. I don't want to panic but still nervous due to the side effects that I know Clomid can cause.


Ann1 - June 5

The cyst may just be from your last month's cycle--cyst left over from the ruptured follicle. If that is what it is, it will likely go away on its own. However, my dr found a cyst on my ovary about a year ago and would not give me clomid until it was resolved, because clomid can cause cysts. Also, 3cm is pretty big--bigger than an average follicle size. Are you seeing an ob/gyn or a RE?


hballen - June 5

I am seeing a OB right now, but if anything should change i.e. the cycst gets bigger then he sending me to a fertility specialist. He told me that if the cycst was 5cm or I had any pain then I wouldn't have been able to use the Clomid and would have went to the specialist now. I have been praying that we would conceive sooner so that we didn't have to go to a specialist, but everytime I go to the DR it's something else...........


Ann1 - June 5

I know exactly what you mean with something always being wrong...I have been to 3 drs so far (started w/ob/gyn and 2 REs), and none of them will do anything if you have a cyst. My cyst when my ob/gyn wouldn't give me clomid was less than 1cm. From hindsight, if you have been ttc for at least a year (or 6 mos if you are over 35), I would go to an RE immediately. I feel that I wasted a lot of time.


wannabeamom - June 5

hballen, I am currently waiting for my 3+cm to go down. I have named it Harriett. I would question taking more clomid. Huge cysts are a side effect of clomid as you know. My cyst did twist on itself and untwist all within an hour. I was in extreme pain and was throwing up, sweating, had no color in my face and was freezing and went to the emergency room. I was in shock, literally. Needless to say, it has been a little over a month off of clomid and Harriett is packing up, slowly but it is happening. She is much smaller. I am not in pain anymore. Again I would question taking clomid now. If your cyst ruptures you could be in extreme pain for a couple of days. Take it easy. Don't over extend yourself. I also used a heating pad. That really helped with the discomfort. I agree with Ann, go see an RE. I still wouldn't take the clomid this cycle.


wannabeamom - June 5

Oh sorry hballen, my cyst was over 8 centimeters. I don't know what I was thinking writing 3 cm, I meant 3+ inches. On the ultrasound it looked like a baseball. It is about 4 cm now. I just had it checked today.


Ann1 - June 5

wannabeamom, Harriett--that is SO funny!! You gave me a good laugh for the day.


wannabeamom - June 6

Anytime Ann! I also know what you mean about wasted time. I wasttc for 3 years before going to a doctor seriously. Crazy! My OBGYN won't refer me until Harriett is gone. The good news is I O'd this cycle and it is ok if a get pg. I am on cd 17 now and start taking prometrium today. I have low progesterone levels so if I do get pg I may not be able to support it. I am 33 and DH is 45. He was tested and my doc called him "champ"! What about you?


hballen - June 6

Thank you so much for your input, I believe this is probably going to be the last mth with my OB, and then he is going to refer me out. So far I haven't had any pain from it, the only real discomfort was the cramping from the Clomid which I have heard was normal. My DR. called last night while I was out to tell me about some results he has, so now I am waiting for a return call, which we all know can take alllllllllllllll day !


Ann1 - June 6

wannabeamom, we have been ttc for over 2 years. I went to the ob/gyn after a year (should've gone sooner). I had small fibroids and a polyp that my ob/gyn removed. Then I was showing a cyst on my ovary. Ob/gyn did a lap and removed endo. I tried clomid (5 w/iui) and then went to a RE. He did the clomid challenge test and found that my fsh is elevated (was 5.9 w/ob/gyn but she didn't to the cct, so it could have been high all along). I did 2 injectible w/iui cycles and switched REs due to insurance purposes w/ivf. Now, he did a saline sono last week and I have more fribroids that have to be removed before ivf. I feel like I am running out of time due to my fsh levels, which can only get worse in the next 3 months (have to wait 3 after the hysteroscopy to remove fibroids). The surgery is 6/22. My dh is great. He has never had a post wash sample below 100mil (full SA showed over 300mil) and he has a son from a previous marriage. We are both 37. I am surging today and was yesterday, so we are trying naturally this month (cd 18 which is late O for me, but I have cysts from my last injectible cycle which may affect that). What are your fertility issues? Pcos? What have you tried so far? hballen, what results are you waiting for?


hballen - June 6

He had taken a urine sample on Friday when I had the US, although I didn't expect anything, so now I'm worried.


wannabeamom - June 7

Ann goodluck with ttc this month and on 6/22. Hballen, ask your doc what the urine test is for. It could just be routine. Let us know how thing turn out for you.



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