former visitor to this offers hope
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countrymom - May 21

I thought it was time to give a little something back to this board as it was here when I needed it. I was a visitor to this board for over a year when quite suddenly I got pregnant. I was 41. We tried getting pregnant on our own and had no luck. I then had an hsg and got pregnant only to lose it right away. A few months later under the care of a genius in the fertility world I got pregnant again. I was monitored carefully to determine if and when I ovulated, my levels of estradoil and fsh, and progesterone. These I learned had to be in a delicate balance for pregnancy to occur. It turned out I had a variety of relatively simple problems to deal with but together they kept me from getting pregnant. The real issue came down to my CM. After over a year of trying, the doctor put me on Robitussion (regular not the DM) on day 3 of my cycle up to ovulation to help give the proper consistency to my CM. I also had in that same month what is called a boost...a few days of Gonal F to help put my follicle size in the right maturity range when ovulation occurred. I learned it needed to be between 18 and 25 mm. Who knew?! My other problem was that I didn't make my own progesterone as most women do. I wouldn't be able to sustain a pregnancy unless I used progesterone suppositories through the end of my first trimester. I am now 14 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby. I am doing fine and actually going in for my first OB appt. today. I tell you this story to give you hope>It will happen for you. I remember the pain of seeing women obviously pregnant at the mall walking around with their Motherhood bag, or in church watching the babies get baptized and wondering when that would be me, or learning that the sister in law who had been trying for a few months got pregnant right away. I experienced it all. It happens one month when you least expect it. I remember a kindly older woman who I worked with who asked me "will you be ready if you learned today you were pregnant?" My husband and I realized we had a lot to do yet to prepare for adding a baby to our lives. We took the time while waiting to get pregnant to get things in order. Good luck to you all! I know I'll see you all on the first trimester boards in the months to come.


SomedayMommy - May 21

That's so great countrymom!!! I'm very happy for you and your family! I'm wishing and hoping for you a happy and healthy pregnancy!



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