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trying for #3 - November 24

Here is a website for a fertility doctor I have seen in he past he is really good


ari - November 26

what treatments did you go for and did you get pregnant with them?


trying for #3 - November 26

Dr. michaels did a laparoscopy and a dye test, and i actually got pregnant last year naturally. I have PCOS and one blocked tueb and a messed up other


riley - November 30

Thanks I'll take a look


Christine - December 5

This is for trying to conceive #3, did Dr Michaels did tubal surgery for you?


to christine - December 6

how did your appt go on the 19th at newlife?


Christine - December 6

Actually I was not too impressed with Dr Soliman, he said IVF after looking at the paperwork my OB/gyn sent in. he said $4,700 per cycle, i find that very expensive, scarring after surgery for removal of fibroids, i am at a crossroads right now , i feel like just calling it quits.-


to christine - December 7

I'm sorry you had a bad time. The price you were given is a heck of a lot cheaper than any ivf I've looked into. Luckily I am only doing iui's right now and arent sure if we will go to ivf or not. Don't call it quits until you have done some more research on it and are truely informed. I know there is a clinic at mcmaster university. Google it and they have prices listed there too. Remember most cycle costs listed anywhere are without the meds. Ivf will normally cost you around $10,000 to 15,000 with meds from the research I did but maybe you can find other prices. I know one couple that work with my husband found out most of their ivf was covered due to a problem she had (I think with her tubes) and ohip covered a lot of it. Check that out too. good luck


to christine - December 7

correction in my last posting there is a clinic at mcmaster hospital (not the university).



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