For those with PCOS
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jayb - February 1

Just a quick post for those with PCOS. We had been TTC for 7 months and we're now 21 weeks along with our pregnancy! This was after no drugs or therapy at all. We decided not to get stressed, chilled out and conceived naturally. I think pressure certainly makes things worse when TTC so we just tried and didn't worry. Easier said than done but it seems to have worked for us! Also we changed our diet to lots of fruit and veg (fruit salads and lots of greens etc). We also joined the gym. So I guess somewhere along the line with that combination things kicked into action! I just thought I would share with you all what we did and how we did it!

Click link to see our little one!

luck to all!


jayb - February 1

Oh, and neither of us smoke or drink alcohol.


TWhit116 - February 1

Congrats!!!! Best of luck to you!


mother2Bsoon - February 1

That is awesome news. What a blessing! Congrats!


lovemy3 - February 2

Thats the approach we have started to take, thanks for sharing and good luck.



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