For those ttc, please make sure to get thyroid checked
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marymo - May 25

Hi ladies, Im not new to the forum, but have posted a few times. My story is that Ive been ttc, it will be 3 years in August. I have two children now, both conceived without problems, healthy babies, good pregnancies. After the birth of my daughter, tried and thought "piece of cake, Ill be preggers in no time". Well, was I wrong. I went to see my OB, she checked my thyroid (which was 2 1/2 years ago) and my TSH was 8.8. Put on Synthroid. Thought, no problem, after med kicks in, Ill be preg. in no time. Well, wasnt happening. Had all the necessary tests run: Prolactin, progesterone, FSH, estrogen, etc....... all normal. Had u/s of uterus, fine. Totally normal periods, regular cycles, OPKs registered a surge. Husband checked out, he had WBCs in semen, took antibiotics for 4 months, given the clear, we still tried, didnt happen. As for my hypothyroidism, Im tired and achey at times. Im an avid runner and biker,have been for years. Anyway, my symptoms have been a little more frequent, esp. the fatigue, decided to see an endocrinologist. Ive read up on Thyroid and infertility and it said your TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) should be at 1 or less. Mine has always been at 2.5 or greater. Also it said in edition to have Thyroid antibodies checked. Welp, low and behold, My TSH is still at 2.5 and Im positive for Thyroid antibodies, which definitely can affect having a baby and even miscarriages. So, now I know the cause of my infertility. It happened after the birth of my daughter. My symptoms at first were minimal, but gradually increased. The antibodies see my tissues as foreign, for ex. if implantation occured these antibodies would attack it and it would not happen, or if I were to become preggers, it would see the fetus as foreign and attack it. Im on Armour thyroid now, and taking Selenium vitamins to help lower the amount of antibodies in my blood. I pray everyday that maybe my levels will get within the exceptable range and I will conceive. Im thankful I have a doctor who is willing to work with me. I just wanted to let everyone know who is ttc to get your thyroid checked. It may make a difference in conceiving, and you may not even know your thyroid is out of wack. Baby dust to everyone!!!!


lovemy3 - May 25

Hi there, I have 3 kids now and have been ttc my 4th. I have also had my thyroid checked and it was 2.5. My dr said it was good and that the range was .0.5 to 5. The new er range has now be changed to 3, but 2.5 still falls withing that range. I'm curious to know why it should be under 1. thanks for the info and good luck!



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